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Leibi Kletsky

I have been in a crash for a long time now and lately I have been feeling very sorry for myself.
I have been thinking how UNFAIR my life has been.
Too many tragedies to mention in my past history.

When I first fell ill which was subsequently diagnosed as CFS, I had no idea that it would take over my life for nine years.
I have been complaining that I am getting worse as time passes and I have become more and more limited as to what I can do.
I have been complaining how hard it is to watch everyone else go on with their life while all I can do is lay in bed and almost feel lifeless.
I have been complaining about being misunderstood by the "normal" society and by some medical doctors.
I have been crying a lot lately....

Monday, a little angel by the name of Leiby Kletzky - a 9 year old Hassidic boy from Brooklyn, NY was missing. He was supposed to walk home by himself from the local camp. His mother made up to meet him half way. He never showed up. There has been a frantic investigation and thousands looking for him. The whole Jewish community was saying Psalms for his sake - to find him safe and sound.

I woke up this morning to the horrific news of the finding of his dismembered body. May his name be sanctified.

They arrested a man who lived and worked in Brooklyn - seemingly normal.

What kind of world do we live in?

I feel ashamed of all my complaints. How could I be so selfish to complain about my state?
I can't imagine what the family of Leiby Kletzky is going through. That is unbearable suffering!!!!! May God comfort their souls.

I have grandsons of the same age.
It puts things into perspective. I have been too involved in my own misery. It's not a productive place to be in.

There are things i can do, I realize now.
I can sit up in a rocking chair instead of bed. Mentally, you feel less sick when you are not in bed.
I can listen to inspiring music.
i can meditate.
I can pray.
I can read.
I can look and enjoy looking at art objects.
I can call my aunt who is sickly and cheer up her day.

I have to concentrate on what I can do, instead of feeling bad about my limitations.
I actually got that advice from a friend CFS sufferer yesterday.
I have to have good thoughts. (Husband's advice)

Why did it take such a tragedy to shake me into sense?
Oh How i wish this tragedy away!



The Kletsky tragedy is absolutely horrific. My heart goes out to the family. I pray for them to find comfort and strength from each other and from the community.

I appreciate your using the tragedy to rethink your usual attitude towards life. It makes me think about my own. The tragedy definately puts things into perspective, that despite our struggles, we are still alive and can do positive things. If we have eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, and a tongue to taste, we are lucky! That however limited we are, we can still choose life!

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