LDN Update on 1.5+ 0.375 = 1.875 mg

I decided to update by topic, Too much to cover.

So I did not last on LDN 3mg. I got so sleepy and so much body pain that it was unsustainable. So I went back to 1.5mg and felt better. Then when stable started 1 pill and one quarter.

It was sooo hard to try to keep awake too at work. This new doses put my brain literally numb!! Was good because it took most of the burning and head buzz away but it was asleep alright!!!! so I was like a zombie! Not able to drive, work or even been awake.

Please do not ask me what happened, things are a blare, even I saw I posted stuff in forum which I have no recollection of doing!! I know only another CFSer will understand yeah I was there but not really feeling!!!!

So not much to update because I DO NOT REMEMBER MUCH. All I know is I had a hard time before I figure and settled on this dose. Will try to go to 2mg once I settle in this doses.


yes it's always strange to hear about stuff I said and did and have no recollection of it. Hope you get some benefit from this medication, and soon.

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