LDN - up to 1mg/1ml

Took a dose of 1ml (=1mg) LDN last night, without too much ill effect - I think I'm getting used to the stuff now. I want to get up to 1.5 as soon as I can (the recommended initial dose), so that, psychologically, I feel like I'm, at least, at the start of maybe getting somewhere. Atm I'm still way behind the starting line.

Still feeling pretty fog-brained and a bit dizzy.
Quite heavy legs today - walking has been pretty uncomfortable, stiff, weak, aching, ankles, but is this because I'm experiencing quite a high level of water retention at the moment, or is it the LDN?
At least the swollen hands are not as bad as they have been recently.
Tinnitus is way louder than usual, but that might be a side effect of the diuretic (Furosemide) I took (with little positive effect) for a few days.

Is the water retention anything to do with the LDN? Will dig out my food diary from Xmas and check what I've written there.

Weird thing - at the same time as the water retention got bad, my sense of taste went a bit haywire, especially where tea (English Breakfast) was concerned. Taste returning to normal as the water levels are receeding...


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