LDN, PEM, and inch worming back to work

LDN, LDN, how I love thee, LDN.

Started 1.5 mg 3 days ago. Results so far:

--Better sleep! It really cut down the "wake every 90 minutes" business which was getting OLD.

--Mild illness. Fatigue, need to rest, lack of concentration. This after a period of (relatively) high functionality.

So, its kind of disappointing, but I keep reminding myself that this is good because it means its working.
I have to tell people at work: I'm finally getting treatment, and I feel worse, and that's a good thing!

It''s so funny (to me), that this is exciting NEWS. Yes it's fatigue and illness, but from a novel new source!

We become connoisseurs of fatigue, detecting whole realms of variation and nuance where others (i.e. person I live with) just see "still crashed out."

And now the other less fun acronym, PEM.

Last week I worked the most hours in a week probably since I became ill in February: 15 hrs over 4 days.
(Which means, I know, scale it back this week.)

And, I felt good the whole time- so good that I even, brace yourself....

WALKED AROUND A FIELD one day. My job has outdoor elements to it, most of which I've completely skipped these last couple years. as I've become ill. Last Wednesday we had a consultant come and I was able to
a. plan a meeting
b. actually make it to the meeting instead of bailing at last minute as has become my new norm and then
c. actually WALK AROUND THE SITE for the meeting.

It would have been completely unthinkable the week before.
It did send me into a PEM crash the next day, so, too aggressive. But so encouraging on the whole.

One more acronym. SIBO (test).
Ugh. That has got to be my least favorite test so far.

The restricted diet day was awful. I couldn't digest the restricted diet food, apparently, and was completely stupid the next morning during the fast. Had to have help with the test.

When I started reading and trying to figure out what was wrong with me, last spring, I kept reading KETO KETO KETO. I didn't have the perseverance to do actual keto, but I cut out grains and beans for awhile to see if that helped. Massive constipation ensued. I finally added some beans back last week and my gut was so happy. I wonder if I inadvertently reduced fiber too much and if my previously happy digestion relies on beans and whole grains. No matter what the paleo people say.

Gut has not recovered from the SIBO test yet. I'm craving yogurt, so maybe that means something.
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I have tried both LDN and Keto, and they weren't effective for long (made me feel worse) but I am SO glad that things seem to be looking up for you! Please keep us posted!
Just a heads up. I felt the same benefits at 1.5mg but I made the mistake of chasing after 4.5 mg, and wasted several months without ever getting the same benefit. Im finally back at 1.5mg, and I feel better than ever.

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