Laura Hillenbrand in PEOPLE MAGAZINE...CFS

The current People magazine has Laura Hillendbrand speaking of her new book and of her having CFS for 23 years. She had a relapse in 2007 and could not leave the house. I am so glad she is in this magazine and talking about CFS, even if it's a small article. It's something!!

Thought I would let you all know. Main photo on cover is Kim Kardashian.


Every little bit helps. She has spoken of it before, I think even to 20/20, and yet it never really made any impact on the press.
She does get out there.....I remember a quote by Robert Kennedy - change comes from many people doing small, sometimes imperceptible things that all add up....It's hard to tell, for sure - you do what you can.

Being in People, of course, is BIG (even though the stories are small)! That magazine has a huge circulation - it will hit alot of people in a little way -raising awareness that hopefully pays off.

Looking forward to reading her book.
Yes, I agree. Even just being a fan of hers, if people see that she has CFS and they have never heard of it, they will at least remember that she has it and awareness spreads. They may think to themselves when someone says they have CFS," oh, I have heard of that due to that author."

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