Laughter, Thorns, and Roses

I laughed out loud today.

By myself.

I suppose it's considered an odd thing to do, seeing as laughter is generally shared with others. But sometimes joy gets the better of me and I don't particularly see a need to repress it, resulting in such an outpouring of mirth that it's no wonder some people think I'm crazy.
Or that I enjoy being sick. I don't, but why should that ruin my day? Some things are simply too delightful to be left unlaughed at.

One phenomenon that tends to bring it on is when I drop something on the floor that ought to have shattered only to discover it intact. My floor is ceramic tile, and yet I have these glass plates that will bounce and flop merrily around until coming to rest without so much as a chipped rim. The noise is awful but it's so funny to watch, in fact, I'm sorely tempted to start with a full stack of them one of these days and drop them one at a time just to observe the results.


What's holding me back is I'm not sure my caretaker would find it amusing, since she'd be the one cleaning up the mess.

It's still a thought, though.

I'm grateful for laughter. I consider it a gift, not something I could ever hope to create inside myself, so when it's there it definitely makes the list of things I'm thankful for.

I have my ups and downs like everyone else, even within the same day. I've cried today. I've spent many a moment in subdued pondering, listening to the silence. I know life isn't all roses. But among the thorns the roses *are* there, and as Abraham Lincoln once said:

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns...
...or we can rejoice that thorn bushes have roses.

Complaining is a skill that comes naturally to most of us. I wish my floor wasn't so cold and hard, because it chills my feet and causes pain. I wish I could eat and drink from plastic/paper dishware without becoming ill from it, so that I wouldn't have to keep calling my caretaker to clean up the mess for me. I wish my ears weren't so sensitive that I involuntarily yell and cringe with noises. I wish I had adequate socks or rugs to help with the floor issue, and could purchase what I need without the items making me ill. There are plentiful thorns on my bushes, and despite my careful efforts I still get pricked by them.

And yet...

And yet, my friends, just look at the roses! Because if you had been walking down my street early this morning at exactly the right moment you would have overheard such an immoderate cachinnate that I guarantee you'd have become insatiably curious to learn of what good life I have that would explain such a happy outburst.

I am blessed - so, so blessed.

No matter how sharp or numerous the thorns, the stunning beauty of the roses is undeniable. I was handed a rose, and what woman isn't honored by such a gift?


What a wonderful perspective, Dainty! I have heard myself laugh out loud a few times, each time it has caught me totally off guard, but it makes me feel alive when it happens. How much I wish I could understand, like how I could have such severe hearing loss, with 2 hearing aids, then develop noise sensitivity? Now you make me wonder, how many thorns does it take to make a rose bush bloom and emanate joy? I boldly stand thorns and all, for the Glory of the Lord will bring the blossoms of gentleness, grace and grandeur to use my life to his goodness. I may be down, but He has not left me out! Joy and Laughter, what gifts He has purchased for us!
Beautifully written, Dainty. And I'm so glad you had an "out-loud" laugh, and also that you did share it with us. Thank you. It is so important to be reminded anyone can keep that perspective, no matter how thorny their life. You are an inspiration. Next time I laugh out loud all by myself, which happens often, I'll think of you.
L'engle: :D

Merry: Aww, you're welcome, thanks for the comment!

Molly: Beautiful comment. On feeling alive when we laugh - reminds me we were created for joy. :)

Warrior: You're melting my heart! *hugs*

Resting: It's always a blessing to hear someone's been touched; thank you for writing.
Thankyou Dainty! You have made my day :D
I am visualizing your home rocking with the laughter :D
And passers-by with quizzical looks...

I'm imagining a therapeutic plate-smashing event ?Greek style???
And your caretaker facing the big clean-up :eek:

I'm with you looking for the roses...not the thorns ;)

Meryl: Aww, I'm always so happy to make someone's day! Are you visualizing yourself joining me for the great plate-smashing party? :D maybe over chat??? Oh dear, what have I started...
I wish I had adequate socks
Oh my. At least I feel clairvoyant, or did I just focus you on that one more? Cold (literally) comfort to you!

A plate smashing party! :balloons: Please make sure I'm there for that one. Sounds like loads of fun!
illsince1977;bt5005 said:
Oh my. At least I feel clairvoyant, or did I just focus you on that one more? Cold (literally) comfort to you!
"Clairvoyant", now that's a word I had to look up in the dictionary! But yes, actually it rather was. By the time you offered to knit me a pair I had been looking for a solution for the past 2-3 years without success (portyanki was a memorable failure - turns out it requires shoes), knowing that when what I had wore out there'd be an issue. I've watched over the years as each pair developed hole after hole and as the darning also began to wear through until now it's amazing to me they're holding together at all! And then here comes this friend into my life who also has MCS and, without knowledge of the need, offers to knit me a pair.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

Your offer was an immense blessing to me and I know the socks will be as well. But no pressure! I have confidence that the same God who brought the idea to your mind will hold my remaining socks together long enough for you to knit as you are able without overtaxing yourself. If He was able to keep the Israelites' clothes and shoes from wearing out as they wandered in the desert for 40 years then surely an extra few months on my threadbare socks isn't too much for Him to handle. ;)

illsince1977;bt5005 said:
A plate smashing party! :balloons: Please make sure I'm there for that one. Sounds like loads of fun!
Teeehehe. Will do. :angel:

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