Latest blood tests and comparisons (3 month mark post 2nd covid jab)

So I got my blood test results back. I've definitely not felt as "well" since my second covid jab and I've nee wondering all sorts of things about potential root cause. Also I had an ebv reactivation and a throat infection after my second jab which only made things worse.

I don't feel like I've recovered from that. But the following blood test results show a worrying trend of depleted white blood cells. I assume due to the infection I had but could it also be the vaccine and am I doing more harm than good to these white blood cells by staying on the protocol? I also can't understand how everything I'm taking wouldn't be boosting these numbers if anything not lowering them.

So here I am last week


And here is the day before my second covid jab:


The annoying thing is if I got covid now I'd be less able to right off an infection not more able.

Sleep has not been great for qutie some time. I removed the b complex last night and that's allowed me to sleep properly. Maybe this will help replenish the white blood cells better? I'll get another test in a month but if there's no real movement I think I may have to discontinue the protocol for awhile just so my body can recover from the second jab. As it is I've never taken a break after the second jab or my infection and I did worry that might cause harm.

But overall I can't understand why the protocol wouldn't protect against this. Especially when taking nac, reishi, glucans and the like. Of course the glucans could also be knocking my white blood cell count out. Because the immune system is constantly turned on.

The other thing is that I believe I am making clear progress with my ME but at the same time it's easy to delude yourself. I also think I may have been a tad magnesium depleted after a little experiment last week. If any minerals are low that would certainly have an effect on these immune cells.

The low immune cell numbers might however go some way towards explaining why I am dizzy and this dizziness wasn't there when I originally did the protocol.

The more I think on this the more I think I'll have to take a complete break from the protocol. But I'll probably carry on for another month and see if the immune cells improve.

Edit: removing the b complex on Friday the 13th allowed me to get a very deep sleep through the night, only waking up a few times in the morning. I was so out of it I don't even remember a domestic incident happening outside our house with our gf definitely does! So I am glad I've resolevd that. My B12 came back as sky high, I've just realised on my bloods it was actually at the max marker, so I don't even know what the level was. Last time I supp'd with b12 in 2016 and I saw consultant neurologist Dr Simon Ellis he said that my b12 was way too high then too, unsure what tests they did, I am still trying to track down the medical records but sadly this has proved a bit of a joke. I will try again though. At any rate in 2019 my b12 was very high too, 777 of 900 on the scale, so while it might not be giving me insomnia every time, I think it can get quite high.
I feel much better today at any rate, plus my mood and sex drive seem to have improved taking out the b complex as well. Will have to see what the trend looks like in a week.


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