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Booked a double appointment with my GP last week as I usually do. She was running late by an hour which was OK, but then rushed me through my appointment, gave me a referral to an immunologist and then said "I don't think there is anything else I can do for you". I feel like I've just been put in the too hard basket. Felt really down afterwards. What am I supposed to do, turn up to my appointments with a big smile on my face and say everything is fine. If she thinks it is frustrating for her, try walking in my shoes!


She actually sounds quite okay. She's being honest.. she doesnt know what to do for you and hence is happy to refer you on. Its better then lying to you and making out she knows and be then trying to act outside of her own knowledge base or be giving you placebos to see if that will help.

I used to ring before going into the GP to see how far they were running behind. This helps avoid long waits.
My GP told me similarly. Gave me a wad of paper from Teitelbaum's protocol. Eventually making my way to GAPS and then Phoenixrising enabled me to take charge of my own care. I still have ME, but not the myriad terrible symptoms. Life is good. Prior to this, I felt I was a "heartsink patient" whenever I went to my GP. Now, he's amazed at my progress. Good luck.
That's the worst, rose1 -- to be told there's nothing else she can do is very challenging to hear. I received the same statement from my immunologist a bit ago and it feels terrible.

At the same time, as those who commented below have mentioned, this is someone who believes you are ill and is being honest about her capabilities. This is miles better than a doc who says you're lying or just plain nuts. The immunologist will probably be able to help you out more than this person. Mine found some new data.
My doctor is like this too. It's a bit frustrating. He does however look into any treatments I bring him. If he can find research to support it he will give it to me

Rather than coming with symptoms and expecting her to do the leg work (i know it is her job!) have u tried bringing the research for any treatment u are interested in and why u think u may be a good candidate for it?
Yes, I'm definitely feeling like a "heartsink patient", I just think my GP could have put it in another way. I'm starting to feel like my own caseworker. I'm trying to figure out what helps and what doesn't and I guess a little emotional support from my GP would be nice. So I've decided rather than look at the whole illness I'm trying to break it down and see what I can do about some of the symptoms. One of the symptoms that is really offputting is the lightheadedness and the wobbly legs I get after a certain amount of exertion, so I've booked in for a balance test as well as a hearing test as I have tinnitus which gets worse when I feel unwell. Trying to stay positive. Thanks for your support.

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