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I am trying to understand my results, the doctor did not say to much about them. Here are the numbers, ebv early antigen an igg. >150.0". Ebv an vca igg. 161.0, ebv nuclear antigen an igg. 184.0 what do these numbers mean? I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and told him I have been really fatigued and thought maybe my edv was active so he ran the blood work. I always seem to have a flair this time of year'. Thanks for any input.


OK, the first one range negative <9.0 equivocal 9.0-10.9 positive >10.9. 2nd one negative <18.0 equivocal 18.0-21.9 positive >21.9 and the last one negative <18.0 equivocal 18.0 -21.9 positive >21.9. Not sure what all this means, nothing written for me to understand.
Post this in a forum. I think there is one for diagnosing. More people will see it. List numbers and reference range

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