L-Carnitine and Dr. Myhill

Hi All,

I was reading this post on Dr. Myhill site about L-Carnitine and CFS thought I should share it.

Right now I am in the process of build back up my supplements.
Here is the list I currently take:

Multi Vitamin (Women's Daily Nuitriton) by Real Food Organics
100 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid (going up to 300 soon with Taurine and Biotin)
1/2 tablet of 5-HTP (going off soon)
Magnesium Malate (mag 75, malic 250) (hoping in increase from 1)
Vitamin D-3 (800 IU)
Vitamin E (400 IU)
CO-Q10 (30 mgs starting this week)

I have many others on my lost but need to do one at a time and see how it agrees with me.
Hope Love Light :victory:



Hi hope love light, reading Myhill's comments I was interested to note she thinks she can explain why vegetarianism is a risk factor for vegetarianism. If she is right, then a vegetarian diet should always be supplemented by L-carnitine, and it makes checking for a methylation block even more important because you need a good supply of sulphur-based aminos to make L-carnitine. Bye, Alex
Hi Alex,

Yeah I saw that comment and thought it was interesting as well.
I am not a vegetarian myself as I always felt I needed more animal protein.

I have her Meth test on my list to get done one of these days...
Here is my list of some of the tests I'm interesting in getting done, thougths and feedback are welcome:

Possible Tests:

Methylation Pathways Panel -
Health Diagnostics and Research Institute
South Amboy, NJ 08879
Phone: (732) 721-1234
Fax: (732) 525-3288
Dr. has to set up account and get kit $295

Mitochondrial Function Profile -
ATP profiles;
NAD (functional B3);
Cell-free DNA
All the above tests are performed at Acumen Laboratory
Co-enzyme Q10 - this test is performed at Biolab Medical Unit

Anaerobic Gut Stool Test -
R.E.D. Lab
Need US Equivalent

Saliva & Stool Test -

Food Allergies -
US Bio Teck Labs

Lyme & Co-infections Testing -
Igenex Labs
Complete Lyme Panel #6050
6050 Western Blot IgG, Western Blot IgM,
Lyme IgG/IgM/IgA Screen ( IFA),Lyme PCR-Serum,
and Lyme PCR - Whole Blood

Igenex Labs
Complete Co-Infection Panel #5090
B microti IgG & IgM, Babesia FISH,
HME IgG & IgM, HGE IgG & IgM,
Bartonella IgG & IgM

Hope Love Light
Hi Hope, i had the mitochondrial function test done with Dr Myhill and my carnitine levels were really very low, i have been a vegetarian for 23 years and i dont plan to start eating meat. I have just started supplementing with Acetyl L carnitine (powder form) and am taking small doses to see if i tolerate -so far so good. Dr M says it can take 3 months to get levels of any deficiency up to normal. Interseting that iron is important for the processes described on her site -i have been extremely low in ferritin for many years and am supplementing iron at the moment.

Your list of supplements looks good -i take a different type of magnesium to you and i take 300mg a day -my best supplement by far. I also think that a higher dose of D3 would be a good idea -about 2,000 iu, i find it helped my cognitive problems a lot. You may also need to take more co q 10 Dr Myhill reccommends about a couple hundred mg a day for a few months then 100mg a day as maintenance dose. My coq 10 were also very low but i have problems tolerating the supplement.

I love your list of tests to have done -wouldnt it be great if we just had a big wodge of money to get them all done at once rather than in a drip drip pattern over the years.
Take care xx Justy.
Hi Justy,

Yes I want to get the level of COQ-10 up but last time I tried it it didn't agree with me, I have no idea why that would be?

I took the D because my blood test showed I was deficient and now I'm back in the "normal" range.

At this point I'm going to work on the things that are defiecint and not right and then once I get a balance I will increase things accordingly, so that should be soon after the COQ-10.

There are so many things to consider but I have an appointment with my cardio on the 19th and I'm going to ask which test might be usefull to do first. I'm thinking the Methylation Pathways Panel or the Mitochondrial Function Profile cause that will give me more information of what I can do myself for healing.

Yes it would be nice to have health insurance that paid for the testing that we need and not have to pay for tests bit by bit as we can afford them. But I'm not holding my breath on that one!

Hope Love Light
I also usually have a problem tolerating CoQ10 even though I think it should be of benefit to me. I have finally found a formulation that doesn't give me adverse reactions: it is pure ubiquinone powder, with no additives. It is very fine orange powder, it comes with a tiny 25mg plastic measuring spoon. It's quite pricy but it should last me almost a year so it may actually be cheaper than capsules in the long run.

Too soon to tell if it's helping but I will continue to take it anyway as I have not had any adverse reactions to it.

With regards to magnesium, I take Mg pills but I also make a cream according to a recipe I found on Dr Myhill's website:

1 cup of coconut oil
1/2 cup of water
blend and keep in the fridge until you are ready to apply it on the skin
then take out about two table spoons at a time, add about half a tea spoon of magnesium citrate (this is sold as pure, very fine powder, not too expensive) and mix together, apply to skin (but not to open sores, as I learnt the hard way!)

This magnesium cream feels very nice on the skin and there is the added benefit that it acts like a moisturiser too.
Hi Purple,

Please let me know the brand of COQ10 powder that you take in case I can't tolerate the pills again.

Oh I will have to look on Myhills website for that recipe for the Magnesium since I want to avoid too much in the gut and problems there.

Hope Love Light
When I tried coEq on its own it made me a bit racy.

Today I tried 250 mcg of B12 for the first time by itself, and it did give me quite the boost; 2 hours later 250 mg L-Carnitine. Today is the first time I'm trying these straight. Usually I get them in "combo-supplements" (Nutri-West and Metagenics). Due to financial constraints I've had to discontinue getting weekly muscle testing for these supplements. Trying to figure it out on my own.

Today's result was strength, increased ADD-type stuff (esp. after b12), and inability to relax. But, on the whole I was physically able to do much more.**
I got the Enzymatic Therapy B12, because I know I'm very sensitive to things, and that is one that can easily be cut into 1/4s, possibly smaller.

One supplement I have found very helpful (but run out of) is Total Heart II by Nutri-West (not vegetarian). It has a little bit of the entire kitchen sink, and bovine heart glandular. It helps me a lot, esp. when I can barely walk in the a.m.

Thanks for posting Hope. Good luck with trying the new things....

** we'll see if PEM is significant tomorrow.
I take Carniclear daily. Very good. I didn't eat red meat for years and paid for it. BAD.

I take CoQ10 two ways. Gel and powder. 300 mgs. Supplements together work well. My list would take a while, ha, but so glad to be able to take them all.

Hope I hope it all works great for you!!! You are going off of 5HTP?
** significant PEM following my B12 and L Carnintine trial from yesterday.
Interesting the amount of adverse reactions to the COQ10, im wondering what kind of reactions everyone is getting. i dont get the stomach problems from it but feel very racy and jittery -Dr Myhill told me she has never heard of this before and it is an unusual reaction.

Hope have you tried the carnitine yet? Im taking a small dose still 1x daily in powder form, i dont know if its helping yet, like you i am concentrating on the things i know i am definately very deficient in which is:
CO Q10
Carnitine (Acetyl l)

Just with these supp,lements and pacing and rest my health has improved A LOT over the past year. Slow but sure progress
Wishing you well, Justyxx

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