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Kicked by Horse

That is what im feeling like right now, like Ive been kicked by a horse in the thigh for doing gardening yesterday. (i did manage 75 mins of gardening with squatting yesterday till i was feeling sore all over and almost fell down onto my injured shoulder cause i was unable to keep my balance anymore. I actually cant remember lasting that long with gardening for several years so was real happy about it :D).

Ive waited all day today hoping the feeling would go away but it isnt, my thigh is just as sore as when i woke up this morning and it wont be long till the sun goes down. Its so so lovely outside and I really wanted to go out in the garden and do more gardening today, but no way will I do that while Im still getting post exertional symptoms from yesterday as that would be too darn stupid.

Hopefully the post exertional symtom will be gone tomorrow and the day will be just as good


You should always rest the day after substantial exertion - regardless of whether you have CFS or not and regardless of how well you feel. The problem is that the body tends to hide the damage by stimulating various hormones to make you feel better than you really are.
This is in fact the reason why many 'healthy' people give up regular exercise - they do it everyday for 2-4 weeks and wonder why they don't improve. The reason is because they didn't rest properly and instead of recovering, they did further damage.

I think this is also the reason I tend to feel worse on the third day after exertion, rather than the second day.
I agree with you on this issue of resting after exercise, Andrew1.

I was told once, that every time you do exercise, particularly vigorous exercise where you are stretching muscles, you create very tiny tears in those muscles. I was informed that you should work out at a gym or outdoors 3-4 times a week with rest days in between (to allow those miniscule tears time to heal).

True or false? I don't know. I'm only repeating what I was told.

7-8 years ago, when very fit, I used to walk every day. I would stretch my calf muscles & walk slowly for the first 7-8 minutes & gradually speed up til I was power walking. At that time, I was doing about 8-10 hours of power walking a week. Because I didn't have a car, I would walk everywhere (instead of public transport).

3-4 days a week in good weather I would do about 30 minutes of stretching in the morning (as well as the regular walking). I stretched & toned almost every part of my body, including my neck & hands etc.

In winter, or when it was raining heavily, I didn't walk but did the stretching routine nearly every day. I was extremely flexible & very fit, despite being overweight.

I lost all that in 2004 when I had a month off work with 3 slipped lumbar discs. Eventually I managed to get back on track with alot of the stretching & walking, but never, ever the same degree of flexibility or fitness.

Eventually after back surgery, even though I did the exercises set by the physio, I never, every got back to being able to exercise or stretch regularly.

I can no longer bend over & touch my toes (with legs straight & feet together). Some days I can't bend to put my slacks, shoes & socks on - I have to sit down. In the evening, I have to push my slacks to the floor & then step out of them (in other words I can't lift my leg & bend over at the same time. I have to do one or the other).

Now that I'm not working, I am determined to get fitter (despite chest pain & heart irregularities). I go out 3-4 times a week now & walk very slowly taking photos (ie I have a distraction & interest outside the actual act of trying to get fit).

I am now up to 2-3 hours of slow walking (stopping here & there to take photos) 3-4 times a week. Sometimes I guess I am walking about 4-5 kms (slowly).

I have to slow right down when going up the smallest slope, but I am now walking almost regular walking pace (when on flat or dowhill slopes).

I do believe I'm actually getting fitter (finally).

Compared to the average sendentary office worker who drives their car everywhere, I would suggest that I'm getting far more exercise than the average "healthy" person.

But it won't be until I can walk up a slope without chest discomfort that I will be able to claim REAL fitness.

I have had maybe 4-5 episodes of heart arrythmia in the earlier weeks after stopping full time work. It's been about 3 weeks since the last one.

Last year, at one stage I was getting 7-8 episode of heart arrythmia EVERY day. Big, big difference.

Keep in mind that I was walking very, very slowly for weeks before I could start walking a tiny bit faster.

I see the cardiologist next Monday for a checkup.
I ran 2 nights in a row last week. It took me 4 days to recover. I hadn't ran in years. It was a huge mistake on my part. I am glad you got out and got to garden. Even if you pay for it, which stinks, living in a bubble is not a better option.

Here's to tomorrow and better days ahead. One step at a time and enjoying life when able.
I end up doing a bit more gardening that week.. even if it wasnt when i wanted to be able to do it due to the post exertional symptoms. Never got the garden finished like i wanted and now where the gardening person had helped me... its all grown back.

It's all a little frustrating as it never gets properly done (and im actually a perfectionist).

I grew some tomatoes from seedlings just outside my door in a pot and they've been ready to plant out in garden for past 3 mths.. probably too late now but my partner last weekend.. filled a tractor tire up with dirt so I'm going to try to plant them there.

Even if i was very sore next day and a bit after that day too.. it did give me a sense of achievement at doing more than normal. (thou i shouldnt do that as it puts me at a risk of relapsing).

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