Keto diet attempt #999....

I had tried Keto and failed misarably over the years.
This is the first time I have been successfully and the issue was, I never did enough fat. And MCT oil just works for me ( after tummy got used to it).

I always would lower the carb and increase the protein and not too much fat, I think my body likes oil as energy the best.

I am not symptomatic ( except at noon when my nap times come, I am ready for it) but the rest of the day I run around normal. I do not have more energy ( like I couldn’t go run or anything) but when I am just sitting and going around to office, walk from place to place ( my work building is huge!!) I can handle very well.

All this little things I am doing are adding up. I was slow onset and it feels this days like my CFs felt like on early onset years.

OI ( POTs) is not better, I would say worst at night ( I pass out more and less elegantly). And have some Bizare new thing going on that will explain on seperate blog. But might be electrolyte inbalance due to new diet. So will adjust potassium and sodium and see if that helps.

I love love love MCT oil, is supposed to bypass the energy conversion cycle and you have energy readily available and do you!!! I am very happy and I think even if I am not on KETO will add to my Cfs supplements.

Overall I feel great, with hope I am getting out of this cycle.

Again I do get remissions so might all be coincidnence, but I was looking back when I got sick and was around the time I increase my carbs intakes significantly. So will see if this helps.

I am still doing peptides shots once a month. I feel that is helping also.


Why are you doing the keto diet - what benefit do you hope to get?

I've been considering doing it for sleep and weight loss but it seems a little scary to me, it's so extremely low in carbs. I don't eat a lot of carbs anyways but this would cut it even more. But one of my sons has done this and swears by it. And he does really well on it.

Do you buy MCT oil or just use coconut oil which is high in MCTs?

Did you find it difficult to switch your eating habits so drastically? Any other information would be great! (My son has offered to give me tips if I want to try it - one of these days maybe)

Anyways, I'm glad it's going well for you! : )
I am doing it because my current way of eating is not working. To make the story short, I have to eat to generate energy, it is as if my body is incapable of drawing energy from my reserves. So I gained 50 pounds by eating whatever body needed to keep w energy. I am trying to change energy source and see of that works becuase glucose and I are not working. so far i do not have like extra energy but I have not been too rigid to make sure I stay in ketosis. But I want to give this a fair try, see if energy wise and day to day I can handle the ups and down better.
Yes I had to get used to MCT oil but everything I do no matter what it is I start low and slow. So I started w like a drop and work my way up to TB.I would like to add a second dose mid afternoon see how that goes
I stopped healing when I went on Keto, and my immune system was shot. I developed a bacterial infection on my skin which a lot of people do and call the Keto Rash, it itched and drove me crazy for two weeks. I had to put alcohol and antibiotic on my skin. I just don't think a diet should do that for me. I lost a few pounds initially but had to go off the diet due to the scary rash and healing issues and my weight bounced up and I gained ten despite watching what I ate and counting calories. I do have friends who do the diet successfully though, one is a pro-trail runner who got me into it to begin with. I also gained a lot of fat around my stomach, I was told I had so much estrogen that it wasn't releasing my fat stores (??) that the diet works better if you're male or female post-menopausal. I'm not sure about that but it was scary - I was making calls into my doctor by the end of the attempt. I wish I had gotten blood work to see what was happening.
Yes I am one that believe the body speaks and you have to listen. If I feel miserable I would stop. This is not permanent, once I feel the bad bugs are gone, I will feed my gut good then reintroduce good carbs. Is about rebuilding my gut for me and see if the new energy source works better. So far nothing but good stuff
I do a lot better in Ketosis, It's no miracle cure but my quality of life is far better than carb burning. I feel more resilient physically and mentally and generally have more of a sense of being on the recovery path. My PEM is far reduced from a full on immune attack to hangover fatigue from day to day, but for months now I have been able to do things on consecutive days without over doing it, my stamina is building.

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