keeping warm at doctor's office

I don't know what it's like were you live, but the doctor offices out here keep it very cold in the exam rooms. I always bring a jacket, but at my age my legs can't take the cold. So for my last visit, I took a mylar space blanket. I don't know if you have seen these, they are very thin and usually silver.

After lying down on the exam table I put it over me. It was so light it felt like it would not do much. But I knew it would at least block the draft from the A/C vents blowing on me. And then as I lay there it got warmer and warmer. It was trapping my body heat in the dead air space around my body.

I plan to use these from now on. Easy and convenient to carry.


interesting, thanks for sharing that. I used to feel cold all the time from the ME but never thought of trying one of those.
I've heard of those. I keep trying to remember to order some. They'd be perfect to keep in the car for winter emergencies, if nothing else.
The hot packs I use are Medline MDS138005 Accu-Therm Non-Insulated Hot Pack, 6" x 10" (Pack of 24). I learned about these while staying in a hospital.
what happens when you go into a supermarket where they keep the temp at almost zero? I have to wear layers and scarves !
I never go to supermarket, but if I did I'd wear a fleece-lined flannel shirt, an overcoat, and a hat. If it was still too cold I'd add maybe some thermal underwear.
I ordered 5x these for £1.25- I plan to use in Winter when we don't want to stick heating on, and I get unbelievably cold. Ill and feeling cold today despite many layers, so tested the little foil blanket. Brilliant! Lovely and toasty in a matter of minutes :)
I still use the mylar blankets, but I found something else that helps me a lot. It's a hooded version of my fleece-lined flannel shirt. I didn't realize before how much difference a hood can make. It's much better than wearing a beanie cap. In fact, it's a whole different thing. While I waiting for the doctor today I was lying down, and I put the hood over my head and put my coat over myself like a blanket. After a few minutes if felt incredibly warm and comforting. Eventually I got too warm and i took it off. I also use it at home too. When I feel chilled it warms me up pretty fast. It's also very soft. I bought it online at LL Bean. It's called "Fleece-Lined Flannel Shirt, Traditional Fit Hooded."

By the way, I live in Southern California. It doesn't get very cold here. So don't know how much good this would be for someone who lives where it's really cold.

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