Just Need to Vent--Bad Neighbors

Tonight, my neighbor who is attached to my bedroom wall decided to blast the stereo as loud as it would go. All through my apartment and the entire floor.

I had been working on a file update, coding. I had to stop in the middle of it, and the noise had such a bad effect on me that I was literally shaking. It's something with this disease. I can't take a blasting stereo, it just short circuits me completely.

I called security. I could barely even get the words out on the phone. But I was very specific as to which apartment was doing it. So security comes up, they go to the WRONG door. They thought it was the other tenant, the schizophrenic that's being evicted. And of course, the one torturing me lowered the stereo while the guard was up here. So as soon as the guard left the floor, he turned it right back up again.

So I called security again and I explained that they went to the wrong door. The dispatcher said he'd tell the guard. Meanwhile, the music is blasting away like crazy. And I'm getting sicker and sicker from it.

I wait a half hour, the guard never came back! I called security again, the dispatcher said the guard was up here and "having a problem" getting it taken care of. No, the only problem was, he never came back.

So finally, after an hour, my neighbor was going out, and I went out into the hall and asked him nicely if he could please keep it down. So this freak asks me if I can move my bed and furniture and that he wanted to come into my apartment to see if it could be moved. And I was like NO. I told him I do not allow anyone into my apartment. And my furniture has nothing to do with me hearing his music blasting out the floor. I could tell he wasn't even hearing me.

When he came back from wherever he went, he banged on my door three times till alittle after ten pm. I didn't answer it. And I was going to have to call the cops if he didn't stop.

So now I've been awake all night. I found that the file I was working on got corrupted because of this. A whole day's work completely destroyed. I have a fever from this. I had the tachycardia for hours. I really cannot take much more.

I wrote it all out for the management office and I'm bringing the letter to them on Monday. It's bad enough that I had trouble since Sept with the other tenant going nuts with his severe schizophrenia, but now I've got this one. I had asked them to move me out a month ago and have not heard a single thing on it. I can't live here. It's impossible. No one could live around these lowlife freaks.

It's sad because I love my apartment and I liked living here till they moved this one next to me and the other one went nuts. I have no money to move, no money for a lawyer. It's a bad situation.


Buy those big earmuffs at the hardware store that construction workers use. Many of us used those during two years of demolition/gut renovation in our building that was a thousand times worse than any blasting music.
I have been using Hearos "extreme" brand ear plugs for the past year when I sleep, or if I'm at the big grocery store. I'm hesitant to recommend them now, because the product has changed (for the worse) and I'm discussing this with the company....aaannnywaaay....
There is another company that makes Howard Leight Maxi 33 DCBL earplugs, I found them on amazon.com You need the highest decibel - and also need to insert them into the ear canal correctly.
I sleep with 33 DCBLs every night.
Yes, Carrigon, environmental vibrations and noise will worsen ME symptoms. I'm so sorry you are in this situation. What can I tell you is that I am living in low income/subsidized housing. It is housing specifically for the 55 and older crowd. My neighbors and friends are in their late 50s, 60s -90's. There is environmental noise (street, 'hogs', church chimes, sirens); but the neighbors are decent. There is a provision for this apartment building that allows "youngsters" (43) like me to live here if there is a verified disability (mobility). Thus, with documentation from my doctor I was able to move here.
If you want, I'll be happy to come over and mount a couple VERY LARGE, VERY LOUD speakers right to your bedroom wall. I can even hook the speakers up to a timer with sensors so that Metallica, Pavarotti, or whatever starts BLARING after you leave.(and when your neighbor has just gotten to sleep)

Of course this contraption could set up a camera in the hallway that can be viewed from an I-phone screen. If the guard comes you can shut off the music remotely. If your neighbor comes to knock, you can allow the music to play and watch on camera as he looses it.

All this would be done remotely of course so you could watch in peace from your local coffee shop on your iphone.

If that doesn't work just call the exterminator.


Seriously though, I have extremely sensitive hearing and know it frustrating. Good luck.
I think Scottish Bagpipes would do it. I actually have a cd of that as an emergency for blasting if I needed to use it on him.

I wish I could retaliate, but he'd just call the cops. Like he can dish it out, but he can't take it.
Bagpipes! funny.

I know best to be safe, you have to live next to the guy.

This will pass eventually. Hang in there.

Try Earplugs if you havent already. I have some for when neighbours are mowing the lawn on one of my bad days. I know thou earplugs dont help if you have issues with the actual vibrations thou where you feel like the sound is shaking you.
I sympathize with you completely, I've had the worst luck with neighbors it's almost a curse. Do they sense a vulnerbility in us because we're sick or women alone or envious because we don't work.? After I moved to an over 55 community things got better but I stick to myself, here loud noises aren't tolerated but it's more expensive.
I pushed them alittle this week on getting me out of here. The manager said he has to talk to the administrator about it. I'm going to push them after Easter for more of an answer. I just can't go on like this. I'm flaring so badly and I'm so upset that I just want to die. Last night, he was punching and kicking the walls in the hall again. I don't feel it is safe to be here.

He did one more thing, he told me to my face when I was in the lobby that he sold stereo speakers to my neighbor, the one with wall attached to my bedroom. And he said to me, too bad if you're hearing them. He did it on purpose to further ruin my life and health and to get me out of here.

I spoke with a lawyer today, but I knew he wasn't the right lawyer for this, I was just desperate to get some kind of answer. He said to push them on moving me out, and I can always file a suit against the tenant. I'm not doing that. All that will do is give me more court dates and result in nothing. He doesn't have anything to sue for.

The social worker pushed me this morning on putting him in the hospital, and ultimately I said no because she said he gets to know who did it. Well, soon as he gets out, he'd be looking to kill me. So I said no. And then she was nasty to me and said not to call her about him anymore. She blames me for like everything. She blames me that we lost in court the last time because I didn't call the cops enough to everyone's satisfaction. That's not my fault, I called security alot. And that should have counted. And since when is it my job to be doing all this anyway. I'm just trying to live and I'm not being allowed to do that.

The effect it's having on my health is very, very bad. I've been flaring and upset all week.

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