Just ME - Heart Rate Monitoring: Numbers!

Just slipping in a final blog post before next year....
"Heart rate monitoring, as a means of pacing activities, is without doubt a very useful tool for people with ME.

At its simplest, it is a means of avoiding activities that elevate heart rate (HR) into the aerobic exercise zone.

In this post I am going to explore the various means of calculating optimal HR numbers, and then share a few of my own thoughts on using these calculated numbers in real life." ....
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Yes.... a little bit of a rebel feeling to that phrase. It was said once and then seemed so good, it caught on. It's the truth though....
Your blog post is timely, since my new year's resolution is to be more diligent pacing with my heart rate monitor. Just a few questions . . . Is the Endomondo version you use the free one, or is the enhanced version required for the type of graphs you showed? Are you aware if any of the Bluetooth HR monitors compatible with iPad have an alarm, and do you have to be constantly looking at the iPad to know what your HR is? My current HR monitor isn't Bluetooth. Like you, I found the alarm constantly going off annoying, not to mention how quickly the battery wore out since I am often unable to do anything without it alarming continuously. Being able to glance down at my watch periodically to see my HR has been a good compromise, but most of the Bluetooth monitors I've seen so far appear to have a chest strap only.
Thanks Old Bones - Yes I should probably have said I pay a small monthly amount for the Premium version of Endomondo. (I'll add that as an edit now - good point).

I use the Mio Alpha - it is a wrist monitor and has a watch face with a constant readout visible. It also talks to my iPhone using bluetooth. Apart from being slightly bulky, it is very good. I think there may be smaller versions now.

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