Just found out one of the canal boaters I follow on YouTube is autistic like me!

Just found out one of the canal boaters I follow on YouTube is autistic like me!
And was likewise diagnosed as an adult after a difficult event following a difficult life to that point.
And I so absolutely totally get what he is saying about stress.

Here are the videos;

09. Autism and Me - Why living on a narrowboat could save my mental health
•May 30, 2018
Some viewers have asked why we moved off our first narrowboat back in 2004. In this video, I try to explain everything, although the title has given it away already! I guess it's also my 'autism coming out' story explaining how Aspergers Syndrome affects me, and Shaun. I recorded it during a walk. I'm sorry if I babble on sometimes!

23. My Top Ten Positives About Having Autism / ASD / Aspergers
•Sep 14, 2018
Following on from my previous Autism 'coming-out' video, I got a lot of messages and questions about how the condition affects me. Quite a few people saw a lot of signs and traits in themselves too.

Although Autism Spectrum Disorders can have many negative effects, this time I want to focus on my top ten positives about having ASD / Aspergers Syndrome / Autism. It's not all bad!


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