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“Just Believe Me, Will Ya?”

How far would you go to to convince someone of something? Early on in my illness, I would stage falls to the floor so my wife would pay attention to how sick I was becoming. I’d complained of unrelenting fatigue and weakness and a whole host of other severe symptoms, but I was not fully believed.

My trick worked for a little while, until one day I laid the kitchen trash barrel on the floor perpendicular to my feet, where I then lay, and upon hearing the thud and scream and then noticing me facedown, she quickly deduced that I could not have possibly knocked the barrel over by falling in the direction in which I had. Staging falls to the floor? How ridiculous.

But that’s what it took to convince my loved one that I was suffering from ME/CFS, the very real, devastating physical illness we all know well, unfortunately.
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A little validation is always nice, but it's hard to come by. I've never staged a fall.:lol: That's funny!

Sometimes when Mom comes over, I fall to the floor, but it's not staged. I just get weak.

Oh, but now that I think of it, maybe there was some staging going on for me too.:lol: It was my way of letting my mom know I'm too tired to talk anymore.
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