June - Flower Blooming Moon

These articles are simply about the energies of each moon of the year. I wrote and published all of these in a long article years ago. Today I’m going to share them here, one by one, each month. These teachings/philosophies are from my Native American mentor who guided me through my childhood and taught me a great deal about this world and his people. I met him when I was 9 winters of age, and he began teaching me a year later when he was 86 winters of age. He was of the Munsee Lenni Lenape.

In December I will post two entries because there are not 12 moons in a year, but 13 full moons.
Each year has 13 moons, not 12.
Each moon is about 28 days long, but not exactly.
Since the calendar doesn’t add up, a Leap Year is inserted every 4 years to balance the scales.

June is almost over, and the Summer Solstice is here! I finally finished my autobiography so that was something of a personal celebration. Spring started a bit late for us this year with the prolonged winter, so for some, it seems like it went by quickly. I didn’t mind the lingering winter though and missed it soon after it dwindled.

The month of vegetation transformation, May has given way to one of the lushest times of the warm season here in New England. All the trees and plants are in their full glory of late spring dress. The hues of green have richened since the pale newness of May birthed them back into the world. The leaves have thickened into their summer weight and the sun has almost reached her warm season zenith here in the northern hemisphere. Days are long, nights have shortened and life abounds in all directions.

My Native American childhood mentor’s people called this the Flower Blooming Moon. Both spring and early summer flowers are out basking in sun, waving in breezes, and braving storms. We are not just speaking of the flowers we see in the plant kingdom. What does a flower represent? Of course, the very first thing is what most children would say – beauty. After all, how many of you cannot look at a flower and think of beauty? They draw it from our hearts and lips as their dazzling array of colors, designs, and diversity paint the world.

But what more is a flower? What do they do for the plants upon which they grow? Yes, that’s right, fertility. Flowers present food for insects, birds, mammals, and many other creatures, but that is secondary. First and foremost a flower is for fertility and reproduction, sexuality. Pistons and stamens, pollen, petals, lobes, lips, powder, sticky sap, potent smells of endless perfumes and beauty… On the deepest level of our human nature, we understand this and that is one of the largest primal draws, attractions, and understanding of flowers and what they represent to us in our world, our universe – sexuality and reproduction – life’s procreation and the beauty of it.

If we stick our noses deeper we can then and only then see and understand that flowers also represent hope. The plant invests an incredible amount of time, energy, and resources into the production of the flower so that its species might continue through procreation. This is hope, the hope that the line of genetics will continue to exist here on earth through attraction, sexuality, and desire; a desire to mix with and experience each other in the breath of life through what all creatures seek – pleasure. How is a flower not pleasurable?

The Flower Blooming Moon’s energy beyond blooming flowers is then of course Beauty. Beauty out, beauty in, and beauty spanning time and space. In winter it feels as if all the world sleeps except the giants of life, the elements themselves. This time of year though it feels like the whole world is alive, moving, and expanding in vigor and vitality. The cycle of life and all it entails and contains is a thing of continual beauty. You as an individual are beautiful; all you represent, are a compilation of, your hopes, desires, dreams, movements, ancestral lines, emotions, experiences, perspectives, uniqueness, and commonality; these and so much more are beautiful, diverse, and yet familiar and common. All other moons of the year and their energies compile in this moon to shine in the glory of true, lasting beauty through all time and space.

No matter where you come from, what you look like, or what experiences you’ve lived so far, you are creatures and energies of beauty. We all have the primal connection to the flower and all the flower represents, both energetically and practically. We are, each and every one of us, flowers of our family lines, our ancestors, and life itself.

Get on outside and stick your sense into the flowers that are blooming! Experience them on all levels of your being and do not shy away from or let preconceived ideas taint the primal connection and similarity you have with the flowers. They bloom and live within your minds, hearts, reproductive organs, senses, and spirit. Do not deny them, ignore them, or pass them off as a folly of the earth.

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Hello @Nord Wolf. Congratulations on finishing your autobiography.

Yes, wildflowers (any flowers, really) are favorites of mine. Why is it though that wildflowers generally wilt within one day when brought inside. I've had this happen a few times.

No, I don't pick (and can't now anyway) off-limit patches, but my mother's ravine used to contain many different species and some would rebloom easily. So those are the ones I'm referring to....I'd bring them in but they generally wilted immediately. I've come to the conclusion that most flowers are happiest in the garden and yes, I love them as much as trees. Yours Lenora

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