Journey through Brain Damage from Sleep Apnea

I've been terribly weakened and damaged by asthma and sleep apnea. I can not exhale anymore and nothing works. I'm desperately looking for a surgeon but can't find one to trach me

I've been looking at the causes and effects of brain fog and hypoxic injury from sleep apnea, obstructive/central and PLMD. I remember last year after the tracheotomy I had sharp clarity in the mornings about 8 weeks after the operation
After trying rocephin I started taking the supplements selenium 400mcg and zinc suggested by Hip along with Sam-E and high vitamin B but I become more and more foggy and exhausted. I wish I had the tracheotomy in but the surgeon messed up my surgery!!!


Are you able to wear a C-PAP or any device for the sleep apnea? I apologize if you have already explained this and I do not know the details of your history. Was the tracheotomy temporary or permanent?
I like the asv machine I have with oxygen but I can rarely sleep on it without demasking and then even when I sleep through the night it isn't effective. I was unfortunately trached on a size 6 and was dizzy and liver damaged, I wish I had kept it in to see the results after 8 months. Now I can't find a surgeon, what a corrupt system

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