It's more progress than if it had been less progress.

Well, it was more progress than it would have been had it been less progress than it was.

Even though it is a grey rainy afternoon I made progress today :)
10 minutes of progress.

And I'm a happy camper.

Sunny morning today and I made it out to creative writers group weekly meeting.
A few dollars spent later at hardware store for machine screws, hex nuts, eye screws, and a Dr Pepper for some more caffeine, got some of what was needed to make at least some progress on this locomotive and some ore tipper train cars for it.
That's a thing about the large scale, garden scale, trains, parts come from the hardware store as much as the hobby shop.

The machine screws and nuts will go through what was the headlight holes on cab ends and will hold bracket, yet to be made, for air horn.
The eye screws are more for appearance than function & will be used for attaching safety chains used on some railroad cars through the centuries. (Yes - railways are about 200 years old now!) :wide-eyed:
The chain comes from beading and jewelry supplies.

The guy is a resin casting and I bought and painted him several years ago.
If he was standing he would be about 3.25 inches, 80mm, tall.

Milwaukee Road logo on his hat is a decal for N-scale trains, no way I was going to even attempt to hand paint that when a decal would do the job in the twenty seconds it took to place it!
Textured fleece on his collar is made from white acrylic paint sprinkled when wet with snow flocking scenery material.
I want to try to make like he is holding a pair of leather work gloves in hand on thigh.
Not sure yet what to make gloves out of, well, at least the ends extending past where they were scrunched up in his hand. Paper?

Second photo shows what the ore tipper cars look like. Am slowly collecting a train of 18 of them.
They come as simple kits, here's the manufacturer's page,

The likelihood that I'll ever have my own garden railway, outdoor model railway, to run them on keeps looking slimmer and slimmer, but I'm not yet ready to abandon all hope.
Abandon some hope, yes, I've already done that.
Abandon all hope, I'm not yet ready to do that.

IMG_907650.jpg IMG_691250.jpg


Wondering if you catch yourself humming, "I've been working on the railroad..." as you productively work away. :)

Your hobby shows such a great attention to detail and also a lot of patience working on those small realistic-looking replications. :thumbsup:

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