It Never Fails

So, today, hot as it was, and feeling sick, I drove to the bank to deposit some of that survey money I've been making. The bank is only a few blocks from here. So, I pull up to the drivethru window window won't open. It's stuck. Then I try the door, and that too, won't open. I did manage to get it open turning the lock. But the window, just won't budge. So, all that survey money I've been making, it's all going to go to fix the window and door lock. It never fails.

So, the good news was, I made a hundred and ten dollars in just about a month. And the bad news is, every single dime will go to fixing the car and then some. It just does not end. I can't not fix it. That's potentially fatal. If I was in an accident and couldn't get the door or window open, it's too dangerous. So I have an appointment with the mechanic for next week. I did price the parts online, so hopefully he will be reasonable, even if I have to order what he needs and just pay the labor. We'll see.

We live in such an incredibly cruel world. I finally after years and years, was able to make alittle bit of money on my own. And I can't keep a single dime of it.

If you haven't already, read my blog on where I go to make money with the surveys. It really does pay to do them.

I'm not ready to give the car up yet. In spite of the side effects of the levothyroxine, I have more stamina. I can do more in a day than I used to be able to. Not tons of stuff, but I'm not struggling to take a shower like I was or dying with doing the laundry as much. And I can wash more of my dishes. I have more stamina when I'm out with my friend, too. I don't feel like I'm dying when we go places now. I'm nowhere near fine, but I'm better than I was. And I'm not ready to give up driving just yet, if God will let me keep the car a bit longer.

The only thing I can attribute to having more stamina is the change in the levothyroxine. Since they changed manufacturers, I have more stamina. Like I said, not fine, but able to take care of daily things more. I still have problems with POTS attacks and flareups, but I have more stamina and a bit more energy for the daily stuff now.


I would try and look at it like this; if you hadn't made this money, it would have happened anyway and you wouldn't have the money to have it fixed. So, that is a positive. Carrigon, almost every cent I make goes to something I need. Tires for an SUV, meds, these new shots I am getting. I don't take vacations, I don't have pedicures anymore and I have to think about everything I buy. The good news is this, you are making money and you have been wanting to do that from what I have read with past blogs. AND, you will make money for a treat or something that you want to buy at some point. So, keep the faith.
When I have limited energy and have to choose between washing the dishes, washing the clothes, or washing me...guess which one I usually pick? :)
Weirdness or the power of collective prayer. I don't know, but I went out today and the car was fine. The window opened fine, the door lock worked fine. It was the weirdest thing ever. Just like nothing ever happened. So I canceled with the mechanic and spent money in the grocery store. And hopefully, it will just continue to work fine.

But I'm not fine. No energy when I was out. I was struggling at the store. Now I'm home in bed and probably won't be able to move for days. But at least I got some stuff in here.

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