As my home is unusual, wondered if a blog might provide some diversion!...

There will not be much re the medical side of M.E as this is Ireland, deep rural and far from any hospital etc. That does not really matter to me. I have been ill since I was 27 and am now heading for 80 at an accelerating

We have no medical care on the island but we have a fine new helipad and an excellent Air Ambulance service. Far faster then by road..

And I am used to the illness and to the life it tried to dictate. I have news for it; I choose my life and had I not been stricken, at this time of my life would probably be where I am now.

I have always loved remote places, and hated towns and cities and always had this total fascination with islands, Family and friends just got used to the fact that if there was an island, I would be on it!.

Just is a total adoration! And I always hated leaving a new island

The worst most horrible time here was when I got stranded on the mainland when a freak storm blew up. Heaved a great sigh of relief on the boat the following day! A mainlander is one who hates coming over and dreads the idea of being stranded here!. Our stalwart Priest hates coming here! But he does it every time..

Before I came to Ireland in 2002, I was a decade on a North Sea island, with a goat, hens, peafowl, ducks, geese, Jacobs sheep for wool and cats. Always cats... And when it was time to drop away from the craft trading? I have extended family and their colleagues rescuing babies from rubbish tips in India and Nepal and working with the most destitute of homeless folk. So the work I sold helped that work,, still does! My neighbours here are football crazy and I sold them hand knitted Irish style hats in the right colours!

I think I will leave it here; to see if this is going to appeal and divert. There will be M.E friendly stuff interwoven..


I loved it too. It took me away to that island.....
Take care and nice thoughts to you islander.
Yes, please tell us about your life there. I was going to ask when I pm'd you but thought you might be overwhelmed with things. This way a lot of us will get a feel for what it's like living on an island. :)
I can see them on the side bar here. They show as "The Move" and "Wet Irish Day!" Perhaps put (Islandings 2 after the second one, etc.) to make it sequential visually, at least.
Otherwise, I'm not sure how to do that. A lot of people seem to be blogging right now so maybe that pushes your entries down the page a bit. :(
Well, been a long time and I have little idea why! It is now Ocotober 2022 and I am still here. On this small island with my cats. Things have been challenging in so many ways. Not nice ... lol.... Old age as they say is not for cissies... I am getting a little ...vague... I have a weblog online. islandanchorhold. Please forgive if i mentioned that already. My life is as simple and quiet as is possible. I live mostly abed. For warmth and comfort. My home is small.. So the kitchen is the living room and no room for an easy chair. And it helps legs and general comfort to be snug with legs straight. YOU know... Oh look! A wee cat is on my pillow, purring. He is a refugee from negligence and starvation. This is something I met in Orkney. A culture so steeped in historical poverty they could not feed cats. Same in deep rural Ireland. ( he is nibbling my hand!)
This wee lad was brought to me by Oliver.. "You look hungry, lad. You come along home with me.. SHE will feed you. SHE will feed ANYONE"
Wee cat was never fed, His owner claimed he did not have time to feed a cat! So skinny his back legs were splayed outwards . And now! WOW! He has suddenly learned to play.. And his legs are straight...
CIMG3201 (4).JPG
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Gorgeous cat @Anchoress and I absolutely love your blogs and posts. I am super envious of your island life with the wind, fresh air, peace and quiet. It sounds wonderful to me. :) We are saving hard to be able move to the coast in the south west of England one day, hopefully won't be too long into the future now.

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