Is it covid or is it a supplement or is it a cold?

Last few days my sore throat from christmas came back, and I felt like I was breathing a little erratically compared to normal. No idea why this is. Still taking my inhaler twice a day which will no doubt help any issues where breathing is concerned. ME symptoms aren't that bad again, but this feels deceptive because A) if I go out for a walk presently I feel rough after 20 minutes, so nowhere near my 50 minute walks where I actually felt pretty good and B) I know from my two day exercise trial that my ME symptoms came back if I exercised for 2 days in a row (just walking nothing else).

Anyway booked my blood test for next weds, so I can start taking a higher dose of oat bran. I am fairly confident once I do that things should start to improve quite a bit - but I haven't tested this theory in the winter so I could be wrong.

I'm also waiting for hesperidin to arrive and taking some swanson hesperidin in the meantime while I wait for it to arrive. Hesperidin blocks ace2 attachment, although not sure if that's still an issue with omicron, but I assume it is!

As for the sore throat, it went last night. It's also strange to be experiencing a better winter than I have in about 4 years. Yet still I feel like I could be doing more to keep on top of/treat my ME, but not sure what really. I might give ozone therapy a go later in the year and see if I see any improvements. 10 pass ozone therapy worked for some patients, so it's worth a shot. It might also just wipe me out.


@godlovesatrier ....

For some reason, the 'QUOTE' function isnt working.... will just hope you can follow what I'm responding to without any cues.

Of all the many members on this site, YOU are the one, along with a few others, that have impressed me with your diligence and courage in addressing this crappy little dumpster fire of an illness. Your determination and persistence in following Joshua's protocol, and the courage and discipline (not to mention $$$$) that it took to do that were absolutely awe-inspiring.

I dont think that there's more you could possibly do, except maybe get a medical license and going into research.... but I kid, I kid ....

One of the more abstract things about this site is that we never know how wht we post, what we share, what we express to more or less invisible other members has affected them, or their approach to dealing with this shite. WHich can leave us feeling useless or like we're shouting down a well.

But I can absolutely assure you, without fear of contradiction, that everything that you've shared about your journey has helped others, has encouraged them in their, in all of our, experiments with finding ways to recoup some of what we've lost.

And I hear you about how frightening some surprize symptoms can be in the age of COVID. I had a mild-ish case in the way back (it's hard to believe that was almost 2 years ago), and now. every time I get symptoms that are in any way similar, all the alarms go off. It's virtually impossible to tell what's being caused by other exogenous issues or infections, and what's a new and disheartening expression of this demonic chameleon of an illness.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the early warning signs of some sort of bug, and of course, my brain immediately posited that I'd caught Omicron, that DB had brought something home from the office.

It turned out to have been a weak bug of some sort, and two weeks later I was back to base.

As the infection had progressed, I was heartened to note that there was no additional shortness of breath. That had been the real give-away on my earlier bout with COVID .... one morning I was crawling up the stairs with my weakly brewed 'emergency' coffee, way more fatigued than 'normal', and suddenly I was so short of breath that I thought I was going to pass out .... I spent the nxt 10 minutes sitting on the stairs, wheezing and gulping for air, dizzy and nauseated.

But back to the point .... you've done everything you can right now, including booking an appt for blood tests.

Keep posting, keep trialing, keep knowing that everything you put out here has value beyond anything you could possibly imagine. And know that you've been a beacon for a lot of us here.

Onward and upward. You're a fearless warrior :rocket::rocket::rocket: !!!!

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