Interesting test results

I suppose most have us have been there; feeling very sick but having all the standard test results show up normal. The feeling, when the doctor gleefully informs you that you are completely healthy, when you feel so sick, is not one of excitement.
For me tides seem to have changed now, strangely. I've had some very unexpected test results.
An EEG test Was concistent with generalised or partial epilepsy, and a neck MRI shows narrowing of the spine; spinal stenosis.
Interesting to see what treatment will bring...


Did you see a neurologist to get these tests? Do you mind if I ask what symptoms prompted you to get these tests done? I know the feeling of finally get some tests results that actually show something other than "normal." When you are sick with a lot of symptoms, it feels good to finally have a test reflect that, especially when the usual experience is the opposite. Now I hope you can move ahead to getting good treatment for this.
The neck MRI was recommended to me by my chiropract because of neck pain and numbness in arms and legs. The EEG was recommended after neuropsychiatric testing that revealed that my frontal lobes appeared to not function well. My memory is very bad. In addition i have a lot of uncontrollable spasms (but this could be because of the spine too).
I have not seen the neurologist yet, but I was referred to one by my GP and I will see him this week. I will also see a "spine guy" soon.
Thank you for the info Leaves. I hope you will get some good info and help at the neurologist.
Hi there :)

.. that is one of the recommend tests for ME patients which does commonly show up abnormalities in us.

If you could get more of the recommended ME tests Im sure you will see more abnormalities show up. Two out of three of my EEGs over the years since Ive had ME have been abnormal (my latest one was the normal one which I think is interesting the abnormality which is usually there for me wasnt with my last one).

(my MRIs and spect scan thou was classified as normal.. only the EEGs for me seem to come up abnormal as far as brain scan things go).

If a neurologist ever puts you thou a Romberg test (its a type of standing test).. that is another one we are very likely to show a positive result . Im quite dramatically postive that one.

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