Infrared sauna

I have a infrared red fir sauna. I used it for 2 months successfully. Being abe to sleep better and have mre energy to function at a 70 percent. After that I relapsed badly leaving me only a 4 hr window of functionality. It was devastating. You mentioned adrenal cortisol burnout. Could this be what happened. I remember last days before my relapse my hormones were fluctuating I was very irritable terrible Pms.
Anyone has had a similar experience?????




I think the sauna is great for sweating out toxins etc. if you can stand the heat. Could have been any number of things that triggered set back. Sorry to hear that. I would imagine hormones play a huge roll in relapse. Plus we are all fighting virus' this time of year. Ugh!
I have not had a similar experience but I wonder.....even with a infared sauna could you have become dehydrated? Just a thought. Not drinking enough water with this illness is problematic. I wish you all the best. I would love to get a infared sauna. A great de-toxifier!
Hi Dolche,

I wonder if you became depleted of minerals from sweating? I just started a sauna protocol with Dr. Rae in Dallas. And he has people take a variety of supplements that you might want to consider.

Before sauna:
Niacin B3 - 100 to 500 mg daily
Alpha Ketaglutaric Acid - 300 mg
Reduced L-glutathione - 75 - 150 mg

Before and After Sauna
Vitamin C - I don't know the dosage

After Sauna
Tri-Salts - 1/2 tsp not to exceed 4 tsp per day (It's a combo of sodium carbonate, potassium, and calcium carbonate for electrolyte balance)
Psyllium - 1 tsp mixed with 1 oz of polyunsaturated oil.
Multi-mineral - 3 capsules (Klaire brand)

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful about the brands and dosages, but perhaps it is food for thought.


P.S. we are also given a large glass of Mountain Valley water to drink in the sauna too. It has some minerals in it too.

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