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I was listening to the song Industrial Disease by Mark Knopfler ("Dire Straits") on my ipod. It appeared on the 1982 album "Love over Gold. It occured to me that "Industrial Disease" is far a better moniker for CFS/ME or CFIDS or CFS/FM/ME.

There is a lot of word play and irony in the song as well some great guitar chops a talking vocal. It's a catchy song. Perhaps the next time I am asked by an aquaintence what it is that I have I might respond with "Industrial Disease".

Facts are facts you know? What I have is certainly industrial or"full strength" and it is a disease. It is a lot more descriptive than Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Fibromyalgia subset number Five. Although I can pronounce Myalgic Encephalomyelitis it can be hard to spell when I am having a spell.

"Industrial Disease" quickly conjours up the idea that something could be wrong in our enviroment. It's natures way of telling us....something is wrong. (Spirit) Just two words. "Industrial Disease".I wanted to post the lyrics but I did not know if it was proper.


It is a good phrase. I had a conversation with a friend tonight about why the older generation, like my grandparents, were fertile as bunnies and weren't sick like us. Think about it, they didn't have the vaccinations as babies and children. They didn't have aspartame. They didn't have microwave oven radiated nuclear waste meals, and they usually didn't have Lyme. Most from the elderly generation were healthy, strong, fertile, with tons of energy. Fibro and CFIDS were unheard of in their generation. Decades later, we are the product of our times and environment.
I like that idea Xandoff. And Carrigon you make some good points too. I wonder if ME/CFS isn't a new disease only appearing in the last generation or two. A combination of new environmental toxins plus maybe a new virus or retrovirus thrown in the mix. Then again it may have been as common as it is now and people were just even more abandoned/forgotten than we are today.
Hi, Xandoff.

I found the song on a youtube video. I had not heard the song before, so thanks for alerting me to it.

You could post links to videos or websites with the lyrics if you didn't want to type out the lyrics in your blog. I haven't, however, discovered how to edit a blog entry once posted. If anyone knows how, please PM me!
The first person I ever remember knowing who had symptoms like ours was diagnosed with "Environmental Disease," back in about 1982. When I came down with symptoms in 1990 and then spent 14 years falling through the cracks medically, I kept telling myself, this is real, this is most likely from environmental toxins, keep going. It was hard in the face of well-meaning relatives and doctors who wanted to insist there was nothing wrong with me. I think I could really like the term Industrial Disease. Industrial strength for sure!

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