in the sky

a balloon in the sky
change is nigh
lift the veils
as we may
we are all
just actors
buying time
yawning people
off to relay
just a girl in bed
left for dead
patiently awaiting..
the rising dawn.

This song has been playing in my head this week....upon hearing the balloon news

"And the drummer, he's so shattered
Trying to keep on time
And the guitar players look damaged
They've been outcasts all their lives
Me, I'm waiting so patiently
Lying on the floor
I'm just trying to do this jig-saw puzzle
Before it rains anymore
Oh, there's twenty-thousand grandmas
Wave their hankies in the air
All burning up their pensions
And shouting, "It's not fair!"
There's a regiment of soldiers
Standing looking on
And the queen is bravely shouting,
"What the hell is going on?"
With a blood-curdling "tally-ho"
She charged into the ranks
And blessed all those grandmas who
With their dying breaths screamed, "Thanks!"
Me, I'm just waiting so patiently
With my woman on the floor
We're just trying to do this jig-saw puzzle
Before it rains anymore"
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Your writing is so good... You have a talent there... Touching lives and people...
Oooh really I'll have a look at the news..
Lot of. Laying on the bed today here
My arms are paining me
awww, thanks emma:heart:

i bet your body is worn after the past month you've had. Are you all settled in? I do hope your waves diminish and soon!

checking the news is probably the last thing your health needs ;):lol:

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