In deep shit - Literally


This is for my personal tracking , too much detail and graphic. So might want to stop reading now.

So I have IBS like symptoms but never too bad, also spasms to swallow where my throat closes up and hurts like a MOTHER &&&&&& but I read in the POTs forums this is quite normal so I don't think about it much just wait it out and go about my business.

So today I apparently had a bit BM on myself but I didn't feel it, nor did I get bathroom urgency to go, nor did I eat something different. It happened after taking some blood for test at doctors office, so no idea if POts was acting up. What freaked me out was not feeling anything at all and then finding out later as I went to bathroom. And no, I didn't toot. To make matters worst this happened at work.

I just hope this is an isolated incident and it will pass and is nothing that will stick around. If not I am in deep shit


And the puns just keep coming:

" will pass"...well, it already did, didn't it? :p

"...nothing that will stick around..." but it did already "stick" around, didn't it? :D

"If not I am in deep shit" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously, hope you're not offended. You sounded like you were making what fun you could out of a very un-fun life incident, and I like puns, so there you go. :)

Seriously speaking, I sincerely hope this never happens to you again. It definitely sounds like something of a shock.
Is ok, no offense taken. I have the darkest sense of humor and very good sense of humor. I think it was that I went back on veggies and fruit, I don't know why I cannot tolerate them. I stopped for a bit (except apple I can do) but decided to start eating healthier and just does not work for me.
Daft question but you aren't using any treatment for hemorrhoids?

Some of those be quite anaesthetic.
Ahh interesting ! I used preparation H the night before. Would that do it??!!!
Ahh interesting ! I used preparation H the night before. Would that do it??!!!
I admit to having a similar but minor episode like yours several month ago after using a different pile cream (can't remember which brand) but 'leaked' a little and hadn't felt a thing until I started feeling a little cold down there and went to the bathroom to check. Thankfully I was sitting on the sofa at home when it happened.

In 30 years of IBS (mostly D type) that has never happened before and never happened again since I didn't dare use that cream again. I'm pretty sure they're all analgesic more or less.

I'd put it down to a one-off incident and either lay off the cream or try another brand.
I've had that happen before and like you didn't even know that had happened till I saw it. I was completely horrified as how could that happen and I not know?: fortunately it's only happened once or twice.

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