Imunorvir Break on 5th. Slipping back fast and furious- Famvir(.5) 3 times a day

Slipping back fast and furious, It is getting harder to do stuff that I was able to do, like standing not watching for how long, Not thinking about going up stairs, showers are getting hard, doing my hair.

I got really sad there at first because I felt I was getting out, and my good ol CFS came back to remind me that I am at its mercy :cry: . But I tried to look the positive side, if I would be lousy every day Vs this few days (less often) then is not so bad. That was until today I felt all the signs I get as a relapse. A very weird dizziness very OI like. A very particular headache, a very particular nausea..... I just hope the extra rest ( I am planning to have) will win this time so I don't have a major crash. Work is so busy I have to work so many hours that is getting unsustainable pace for me.

I increased the Famvir to 3 halves 3 times a day. I have been off imunovir also since the 5th so hopefully I will be fine once I start that again (I am in my month off). Everything else in the protocol is the same.

With all and the crash I do feel better. So from CFS and fluish all that is better. OI and Pain worse. But if I have to sum overall I feel soooo much better. Disability level is going down though, I decided to renew my red parking ticket after all :(. Not renewing was like a sign of my getting better, like one goal achieved. But after today dragging all my stuff from the car and me crashed in the front desk for a while, without even been able to speak or keep going while the receptionist was trying to figure out what to do with me (she knows about my condition so she handled it quite well) I guess I had the wake up call that I am not out of the woods yet.

Back at war!!!
Warrior Out.


I am doing so much better today, I came out somewhat better than I came in, See how I can keep it that way. I just have very bad pain, everything else is awesome.

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