I've been busy recovering from antivirals the last 4 weeks. I had two crashes that triggered dysautonomia and a much worsening state which wasn't fun. But I seem to have bounced back after a week on the joshua leisk protocol.

I found out something quite interesting. My body couldn't really handle stress when I started my new job and just beforehand. But when i added the choline, glycine and b5 back in 3x a day my HPA axis resolved and started working again. I haven't actually taken anything else apart from 500mg licorice root in the mornings, but I am now no longer on that.

So I was glad to stumble over this as I didn't realise it was important. Turns out the b5 is quite important for some of the HPA hormones and function, but the other two aminos I don't remember seeing mentioned.

So apart from adding horsetail to speed up my kidneys and adding curcumin about 4 weeks ago I haven't really added anything else. I did tryo 500mg NOW Glutathione but I am still not convinced it's doing anything at all.

Re-starting R-ALA 1 to 2 months ago was a great idea as taht has definitely helped a lot in returning my level of function to a good level.

I picked up a nasty summer virus about 5 days ago and have been pretty ill with that the entire time, currently just getting rid of a very sore throat and I think the cold will have broke. It's not covid thank god. Weirdly my brain fog which was not great beforehand resolved completely when I got the cold and is pretty good at present. Although that could just be due to doing a lot ess and being in bed more also. Less fatigue = less brain fog in my world.

But also I got my first ulcer (proper one) in about 12 months. I cannot remember having one, if i have it's 2 ulcers in 12 months. I used to get ulcers every 3 weeks without fail until I started Josh's protocol, as I had sickness behaviour and symptoms constantly year round without abation.

Also I have taken some valtrex 500mg doses - just one or two while sick and none of the symptoms have responded to it. So it seems ebv is very much under wraps at the moment which is great. The flare I had in Febuary responded to about 6 days of Valtrex and 16 + days of famvir, at which point the ebv eventually vanished from my throat and neck. I am not sure if it will come back, but my tonsils really hurt when i originally started famvir, I could feels something dying right down deep inside the tonsil tissue. So I think a virus was living in there quite happily and had been since my hospital visit in june 2020.
In the UK we don't get antivirals for ebv, even if it's acute, so if youre body doesn't fight it off....good luck getting rid of it.

I've also been considering sub-q immunglobulin therapy but I also don't want to really upset my current 75% function - close to it once this cold is over I reckon.

My MCS still seems to have calmed down very well.

NHS doctors told me to stop taking oat bran and reishi, but when I did this I crashed when I came off the reishi and then viruses gradually crept back in (like this cold as well) when i stopped the oat bran. So I am back on both at the normal doses.

I'd love to replace the oat bran but it's probably not worth the startup effects. Or worsening of my ME.

From March to June I tried the following:

1. Inosine (6 days) - insomnia and neck pain but enhanced function especially socially
2. Famvir 16 to 30days+ - seems to keep me awake at lower doses, causes insomnia, but does seem to kill other viruses that valtrex does not, I tried all sorts of doses but in the end the aggression and the insomnia side effects were not worthit. As a plus it keeps me awake if I go on a long drive (with PEM after).
3. Valtrex 7days+ with probably max 1 to 2 days thereafter in rotation - kidney problems, pain in the uretra aka kidney stones and obstructive calcification I believe in the kidneys - partially confirmed by CT scan, allergic reaction and anaphalytic reactions (bizarrely I don't appear to experience these issues if I am sick....which makes me wonder if both issues are some sort of viral issue).
4. Equilibrant - 3days - insomnia, very very strong herx but identical to the one dr chia reports in his slides - I decided to stop this because last time I took oxymaatrine the crash went on for weeks and that just seemed a bit dumb to test out. Oh Equilibrant re-activated my ebv and that was the reason I had to stop, if I try it again it will ahve to be viread and equilibrant - this is a combo dr chia gives and it wasn't clear why. I believe it is because he has problems with patients who have herpes viruses, but that's just a guess.
5. Ip-6 - 1 day - felt horrible when I took it, but couldn't find any posts or research proving it actually works.

On a side note I was brave enough to try famotidine and found that it gets rid of my hay fever symptoms and might even partially block PEM (Only noticed this once). So that was a very cool find. Antihitamines do nothing for my hay fever.

Oh and I got a PCR test for covid, so that's how I know it's not covid.

So now I am back on oat bran with the neutropenia and prolactin issues. I'd love to do sub-q immunoglobulin instead but not sure if that would be a good replacement :/

Oddly I did feel some prostate area pain today after taking cats claw. Cats claw makes my dry mouth worse initially, but I am now hopeful I can take it long term. Tammy I believe sent me her herbal protocol, which I've bought and includes cats claw. It works for her so I am hoping it will help me when I have to stop oat bran (periodically). it consists of lysine, lemon balm and cats claw 3x a day, I think it also includes propolis but I've opted not to take that.

Lastly I realised that ulcers are predictive of infection. I got an ulcer and dry mouth first before I had any cold symptoms, I was very confused, then I realised 2 days in that it was because I was actually sick - bingo!


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