Im going to keep a diary of things so i have something to compare with in future

After a typical night of insomina, managed to get to sleep just after 3.30am... I woke up at a decent time today, 9.00am Wow!! That certainly beats the waking up at 11.30am-12.00 which Ive been doing.

The reason why I woke up earlier, I think is cause I avoided eatting any carbohydrates last night and didnt have any cordial in early hrs of morning. Last time i made sure i had no carbs at all, I woke up at a decent hr too, about the same time. So obviously the sleeping in till lunchtime.. is currently due to the insulin resistance. I also woke up feeling healthier then normal and even thou i didnt get a lot of sleep, Im not feeling morning tiredness :Retro smile:

Only issue I seem to have so far today is a sore arm. I filled in forms due to medical stuff for almost an hr yesterday and that gave me right arm pain and Ive still got it today. My right shoulder seems to be irritated a little today too (the one which I tore many months ago now).

Yesterdays right knee pain today is gone ...

fingers crossed that yesterdays breathlessness is gone too :victory: (I havent as yet done anything to find out if its going to go and kick in). Yesterday, I got very breathless and had to go and lay down after I vaccummed my kitchen floor.. then later on I had another attack of breathlessness while I was doing nothing at all.

This breathlessness coming back lately is a worry as I havent had breathlessness or air hunger with my CFS/ME for several years and Im worried I may end up getting an attack of this like I had it one christmas when I over exerted (i should of gone to hospital for air or something but it was christmas day and I didnt want to bother my family).

Yesterday i saw my dreaded doctor... he's still waiting to receive reports from the immunlogist and the gynocologist and also from my CFS Specialist who ive all seen in past two weeks. I took him my insulin test results ... and wow.. he seemed to treat me much better (maybe he believes now im suffering something actually "real"?), to my surprise.. he treated me decently!!!

He explained to me that I need to put another in charge of my care as he wont give me any drugs unless another has told him what to give me. So I've nominated my CFS/ME specialist (but i dont see him often as he's far away).

I did a bit of the blame game at the doctor as I felt its his fault that when I went to the dentist the other day.. dentist on looking in my mouth goes "Oh... I see you've been under stress". I go "how on earth can you tell?" and then dentist informed me that Ive been teeth grinding and ground my teeth enemal away so its now very thin.. which he put down to stress grinding. (my teeth were great last time i went).

Now i have holes throu my teeth due to stress, 5 tooth surfaces need fixing :Retro mad: .. after i spent the past year begging doctor for anti-anxiety drugs as i was feeling severely stressed. (in the end ive been using my boyfriends xanax at times). So anyway.. to the doctors i took in the receipt of what i just paid for dentist and I have to go back twice more for fillings.. cost $750 and told the doctor if he'd treated my stress.... I wouldnt now have my teeth ruining and have to pay all this money!!

for now on (still got to fix the teeth first).. dentist says i will need my teeth checked every 6mths due to my enamal being worn away.


"immunlogist" in my post was meant to say allergist, thou he may also be an immunlogist too, Im not sure.

Something I forgot to add is I had anxiety and was mood swinging some yesterday morning and while clearing my room I found two thermometers and knew only one of these worked so took me temp. to see which one was the one which keeps cutting out so to throw it away. To my surprise I then found out I was running a mild fever 38.3 C (101 F ) . I cant tell when Im running a fever unless I get over 39 C (102 F)

A few hrs later after I'd showered etc.. I took it again.. it had come down a little and was sitting at 38 C (100F) (my mood swing had gone by then)

This made me remember that one of the times I ended up in hospital due to major mood swing.... they said i was running a slight temperature saying it was probably a urine infection but on testing that, I didnt have an urine infection... then they just didnt worry about it as my fever was back to normal.

My mood swings seem to be connected to when I get a slight fever... so now Im wondering even more if there is some kind of infectious source to the mood problems I have. I will tell my doctor or specialist this next time I see him (next week).
Its interesting that one forgets the issues one had the day before. I just remembered something else from yesterday when another said something which reminded me.

I see in my diary that my dentist appointment was the day before... I panic then and feel bad for not showing up. I got my boyfriend to take me to the dentist so I can appologise for missing my appointment and make another one. Dentist receptionist is looking throu her appointments and weirdly cant find the one I missed.

It ended up turning out that the appointment I missed is NEXT WEEK so hasnt even come up yet. Its like my eyes thou I see one thing in my brain it registers to be something completely different.

i think i actually stuff up even more the more I try to rely on my diary.. i end up writing my appointments in the wrong days etc). My boyfriend dont understand at all why I have trouble using a diary and gets annoyed at me for not doing so.

My brain just dont register what I see or what is going on esp when it comes to numbers, days and dates. My brain often tells me a completely different thing to what Im reading and seeing.

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