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I finally finished my blog which I will post here. There is also my thread called,
"mitochondria, mercury, methylation, mycoplasma" which tellls a lot of my story.

I am feeling a bit rough today but over time I will take you through the steps that have brought me to where I am today. I am poisoned. If I can help short-cut someone else's recovery then I will consider the time I put into this to be well spent. I am not a technophile and this is not necessarily going to be a pretty site, but it won't be short on ideas so that may enhance your search for wellness.

These were the first words of this blog in 2011. I did not know it then but I was about to become the sickest that I have ever been in my life.

Before we continue, I am going to be telling you how I walked away from the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. How I won the fight with Chronic Fatigue Disorder and managed other health problems. Please read the following (that was written more recently) before proceeding.

I appear to be making some progress with this blog. Eventually, it will become the loose script for You Tube videos. I know that many who are looking for this type of information have brain fog and can't read well. At one time I couldn't follow complex conversations myself.

But I would have been able to watch videos. My goal is to offer help to people in a way that works for them.

Again, those who come here because I retired the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, if you are going to try what I tried you'd better be sure that you are on my path. My Bipolar symptoms worsened the older I got. The trouble really started after I turned 40. That is when I couldn't even pretend that I was normal any more.

I have a number of health issues that started around the same time...after 40. While I was visiting my first psychiatrist my brother was seeing a cardiologist. He shared the same exposures and has genetics closer to mine than you do and his presentation was different. You won't have a mirror image of my issues but you will have some sense that the shit is hitting the fan.

I am not a Dr or a scientist. I haven't even been to university. Nothing I say should be taken was gospel. I may be right or I may be wrong. Because improvements happen after I start a new pill or pursue an idea is an association only - nothing has been subjected to scientific scrutiny.

There is a lot of crap on the internet. Try to find forums and others to bounce ideas off of. Everyone of these sites seems to have at least one resident brainiac who donates their time to help others. Medicine is being revolutionized.

Don't let anyone disparage Dr Google. Definitely one of the best Doctors I ever had and there is no way I could have made it without her. That said, there is a lot of crap accumulating on the internet. Beware of information attached to a potential sale. Some sites are trying to take you for a walk and the destination is a store with the next magic pill.

This is not to say to avoid these places or to ignore the information - just carry a big salt shaker with you and question everything.

You will come across science and theories that will be over your head. That is just the way it is. You are riding the crest. The human genome study only finished in 2003 and it generates some of the studies that you will be accessing.

I have another saying: "When you want to accomplish something but the science is over your head, find the smartest guy who has had success and then do what he did."

This is how I came to follow the Cutler Protocol for mercury toxicity and later, Freddd's Protocol for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

You'll need a Dr who gets it.

My GP doesn't think for himself. He only knows what he was taught 25 years ago and is "Best Practice" all the way. My diagnosis is likely still Bipolar although I have not met the criteria for this diagnosis for 7 years. He is good at treating my low iron and high blood pressure and sometimes I can get him to order the testing I need.

I first met Dr Fred Hui (Toronto, Barrie) in 2011. He runs chelation centres and knows all about mercury and chronic fatigue. My sister helped me formulate a list as I was not capable at that time. She put "integrative doctor Ontario" into google.

I sent emails to about 12 doctors which said that I was losing endocrine function due to mercury toxicity and had a history of mental health problems. Dr Hui wrote back and said, ":If you have mercury poisoning, of course you will have problems with the endocrine system. Come and see me". I'll describe what happened later.

The important thing is to find a Dr who is willing to consider you as an entire organism. In 2011, I had Hyperplastic Polyposis, eczema, psoriasis, tinnitus, Rapid-Cycling Bipolar in a male. CFS in a male and so on. The odds of having my constellation of health problems if they were not related was one person in 10,000 planet earths. Seriously.

I am just not that special folks. Of course my problems were related. So how come I had an allergist, psychiatrist, dermatologist, 2 GP's, a surgeon etc? I saw 24 Drs in various capacities in 2011 and 2012. None of them were willing or able to step back and look at the bigger picture.

Except Dr Hui. He got it. He treated me as a complete person and he understood that there were things going on with me that were producing symptoms. And that these symptoms were more important than lab tests sometimes.

Integrative Doctors are hard to find and they are constantly harassed by the medical community at large and their professional body. They don't have it easy. They do not follow Best Practice as it is understood by mainstream allopathic medicine.

Best Practice means that I would still be taking psychiatric medication and battling Chronic Fatigue. It would have killed me and I would have been grateful.


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