If you're stranded

The first thing that has always alarmed me about being stranded is the fear of running out of food. I have used a few online resources to buy food and other household items. Although you do have to pay more, it's better than going hungry or freaking out about "who will help me"???

Here are some companies I have ordered food from, and it was such a relief...!!!!

expensive, but it comes overnight, next day. Fresh and great produce.

I ordered beans in cans online...and it was like getting a birthday package! Not as fast as diamond, above, but what a great relief to get my food!

Supplements, EMF stuff, water filter stuff, supplements, and some food items. They've changed their food item options, so I don't normally buy food from them anymore.

In a pinch if you need some standard things; but they sell things now from Aubrey and Second Generation.

Of course shipping is a big ticket item on all of these. It's an expensive business being ill. There have been times when I've just had to bite my lip and go ahead and order the food...despite the cost.

If you live in and around Rochester, NY - the only grocery store that delivers is Hegedorn's in Webster. I don't know how far they will travel.


Thanks for sharing this Nico. It's sad something so fundamental can be such a problem, but also excellent to know there are resources to help out when needed.
I'm in the same boat in a suburb outside of Cleveland. My food shopper hasn't been able to come and I ran out of food last Wednesday. It's terrifying to run out of food. I've cried alot over this issue - its a huge fear of mine - I call "survival fears." I have gone to bed hungry...actually starved. I drink water to fill me up. My area has no delivery services via grocery stores. So online resources like Diamond and Amazon grocery next day help alot.

Thanks for posting this Nico.

I qualified for Meals on Wheels in my area a couple of years ago. It was because I was diagnosed with OI (orthostatic intolerance). However, I was put on a waiting list. It really was strange...I called and called and tried to figure out when I would get this service. It may be different in different regions, depending on funding, levels of volunteer support. You're not going to get fancy meals - but it will be at least something.

I siimply did a google search for "organic produce mailed". Diamond is expensive, but it helped me - and helped me emotionally to feel 1. empowered and 2. fed.

Once I even asked the Mail Lady to go to the corner for me to get some sandwiches - which she did....I had her get me enough food for 2 days from the deli. Salad with chicken, sandwich. Sure, I have food allergies, but with this illness keeping up strength is crucial.
Excellent! I was thinking this is something we need, and now I see you doing it.

Here's where I go: http://shop.safeway.com/. Click on the place where it mentions home delivery. There is a charge for delivery.

Also, I Googled my area and found a bakery that ships gluten-free bread next day. I just haven't ordered yet. But my point is you can Google your zip code or city for special foods for delivery.

And finally, I save every flyer I get for restaurants that deliver. For example, a Chinese restaurant near me has a "healthy" section on the menu with things like steamed veggies. Also, a vegan place near me that delivers. A Greek place that has soy burgers and turkey burgers. I also order large salads this way, because standing and making a salad wipes me out. And last year I had a turkey dinner delivered for Thanksgiving, from Chicken Delight.

And it's not unusual for me to be able to stretch a a single dinner two or three meals, depending on where I order from.
All the restaurants I order from deliver for free. But I do have to make a $10 order.

Also, Project Angel Food or Meals on Wheels.
Excellent, thanks for mentioning the Safeway delivery.... it may help people in the areas of US where there is Safeway. There's a natural food/organic food store in Boulder, CO that delivers, I forgot which one. Sometimes the best thing is just to call and find out.

Thanks for posting that Andrew!!!! :)

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