If you're gluten-free, you may want to avoid casein, soy, and corn


A member here posted this years ago. I'm surprised this isn't more commonly known.

It's long. You can skip a bunch, down to the paragraph that starts "Here is the important part."

It seems casein is worse for our gut than gluten. Soy and corn are very damaging. Peanuts are legumes that are closely related to soy.

Personally I believe this and think everyone who goes gluten-free should know. I am disappointed that I spent effort going gluten-free but was still eating the other bad foods. When going gluten-free some people eat increased dairy, corn, and soy and this would explain some of the people who never heal their gut successfully.

Also rice. I posted another entry about many brands of rice having gluten added.


If you are sensitive to gliadin then you want to test for other foods that might cause a cross-reaction. the body sometimes recognizes certain foods as gliadin and that's one reason why some celiacs and gliadin-sensitive people never heal.
Casein has it's pro's and con's in gut health. For a damaged and leaky gut it's indeed best to avoid casein completely, even the A2 type casein. Gluteomorphins, caseinomorphins etc. can really mess up the immune system if you have a leaky gut or any form of IBD.
Rice is another thing with it's phytic acid.
When one's gut is healed i think A2 type casein has some benefits.

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