Idebenone - like CoQ-10 on steroid's

Idebenone supplements were initially developed for the treatment of Alzheimer's. However, it was a limited success. It may still prove effective at preventing the onset of Alzheimer's even if it cannot reverse the damage once it has been done . It is currently being investigated for treatment of neuro-muscular diseases and disorders.

From a chemical perspective, this nootropic is an organic compound belonging to the quinone family and a synthetic analog to coenzyme Q10. The major difference is due to structure.

CoQ10 is considered a long chain compound whereas Idebenone is a short chained compound. This leads to the fact that Idebenone has a much higher level of bioavailability and that it does not break down nearly as fast due to lack of oxygen.

There are two primary mechanisms of action for this supplement. The first is by helping to increase something known as nerve growth factor (NGF) within the brain . This chemical is connected with growth, generation and the health of both nerves and neurons. With higher levels of NGF, this may promote the repair of damaged brain cells as well as stimulate the formation of new connections between neurons and different brain systems. The transfer of Choline and it's associated activity within the brain are also improved while taking Idebenone supplements .

The second primary method by which Idebenone works is as an anti-oxidant. This means that it targets free radicals roaming throughout the brain and body. This supplement flushes these free radicals , along with other poisons and toxins out of the system .

Idebenone also has a number of cognitive benefits, mostly related to processes around the brain chemicals Choline and Acetylcholine.
These benefits are :
1. Ability to think and focus better
2. Increased memory - faster recall
3. Learning - studying capacity
4. Heightened sense of focus, consentration and possibly even attention span.
5. Improved overall brain communication between both hemispheres , since it aids information transfer across the corpus callosum area.

Another interesting benefit of Idebenone is that of helping to raise Dopamine levels within the brain. This means people will experience an over all improved mood and feeling of general well-being.

Idebenone may help to improve Serotonin turnover, leading to better sleep patterns .

Idebenone has a very safe user profile and is generally very well-tolerated, there are some common side effects reported. These include: nausea, stomach aches, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, headaches, and possible flu-like symptoms or possible allergic reactions.

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