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ice, mold, charcoal, insomnia, oh my.

Last night I starts ultra low dose activated charcoal, I take a fraction of a 1/4th teaspoon and have a gulp. Even this is proving to be pretty intense for me. Sleeping besides a brief period of delirious dreaming in my freezing cold floor futon was nearly impossible. In the morning I woke up though and did the same again only to have the wired, mad hatter feeling come right back with some digestive upset. It's not fun but I'm going to keep it moving for as long as I feel comfortable and gauge how I feel by the day. Maybe I could cycle this in some way? I'm thinking currently a week on it and a week off, that seems pretty manageable at such low doses. Looking at the toxic mold subreddit a lot of people seem to also have needed to use a little as I am too and got the same exact symptom set I am. In fact I should actually only do this once a day even at this fractional amount and AFTER food apparently going by what other users say. Today though I feel much more clear headed though and the ED/libido is far more normal.

Otherwise it's a freezing day here and I unfortunately gotta head out or I'll have no coffee tomorrow because I ran out of filters but I'm gonna try to make some fresh bread later. My mood is somewhat better but the detox effects are pretty rough and it's pretty hard to just relax. In general I'm just trying to ignore the worst and go with the flow. I hope soon I feel better enough to be consistently more productive and I was going to order some painting supplies this weekend but it's hard to focus on anything creative either when I'm feeling like this. I try to keep in mind that as long as I keep doing everything right things can only overall get better despite the roller coaster.
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I have some charcoal capsules. 2= 500 mgs

The jar: is unopened. (I was advised to take biotin, with it)

Maybe thats a bit similar to the dose your taking.

Maybe thats just not really a low dose.

I have great trouble getting thru more than about two days worth of any effort to detox, or work on stagnant lymph system, or related activities.

My right eye becomes extremely swollen and throbbing, probably neurotoxins.

I got some micro-doses of psylocybin. (spelling, iffy)

Reading about a research study, they said a low dose was 0.5 grams. And blinding failed by the second dose.

That does not sound like a micro dose to me. Micro means- almost homeopathic in my opinion.

(I have yet to be able to tolerate, one entire drop of B-12. The label says I could be taking five drops. I take a small BUBBLE and feel terrible, after).

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