I wish there was CFIDS/ME special housing

I need to be in a place with very little chemicals and mold and no noise or cigarette smoke. I need a quiet, calm, chemical and mold free environment. And I need to be around others like me who don't think I'm nuts every time something like this is bothering me.

People who aren't sick like us, they don't understand. They think we're making too big a deal of the cigarette smoke or the noise, and we aren't. Or the awful chemicals neighbors will use to clean with.

I need special housing where they respect our illness and treat us with respect for our suffering and symptoms. Why is that the impossible dream?

Today, I got noise assaulted on all sides. I had the neighbor above me blasting the stereo, then the new people next to me heard it and blasted theirs even louder, then I had the mentally ill tenant screaming at the top of his lungs while all this was going on. My bedroom was rendered useless from the noise, and the sound carried into the rest of my apartment. And management is going to act like I'm making a big deal out of nothing. And on top of that, my bedroom now smells like cigarette smoke from the new neighbors. To me, that is not minor. That stink gets on your clothing and everything else in the room.

I'm so tired of being treated like I'm just that whiner, that crazy whining tenant who can't be around people. I can be around people just fine if they are quiet and don't smoke. But when they blast stereos, scream and yell, no I can't be around that. If they can't act civilized.

Well, that's my rant for the day. I'm hoping I don't have to move. But if they continue to blast stereos through my bedroom and the rest of my apartment, I might have to. And I resent being forced to breathe in their second hand smoke and having it all over me and my stuff.


Hi, Carrigon.

What a difficult situation.

I remembered that years ago I read of cohousing set up especially for CFS patients - planned? - and I just spent ten minutes searching online to try to find information. The only info was old (1995 article in the CFIDS Chronicle, for one).

I don't know your age or financial situation, but you might find housing in a senior community. An aunt and uncle lived in a federally-subsidized apartment in a senior community. Quite nice and quiet. And my father lived in the same community in assisted living, and I know that one of the residents was in her forties. The facilities were all non-smoking.

Maybe you aren't close to a decision that you are ready to move, though.

Best of luck,
Hi Carrigon,

I know what you mean....I live in a condo between two other homes and one of my neighbors smokes outside. The smoke of course drifts to my house and windows and bothers the hell out of me. I also don't do well when the landscapers come and spray crap on the plants, or the roofers once a year spray the roof for mold.

I too want to move to a seperate house where I would have a bit more control over what happens to the property and can avoid smoking people.

I have a great air cleanere which really helps...but I thnk during the winter that dust is more of a problem for me.
That and not having the energy to do anything about the dust!!

Be Well
Today was much better. After about seven last night, all noise stopped. Everyone was quiet except for crazy neighbor had some company at three thirty in the morning. And at five am, the people above me were stomping around like elephants and it woke me up. But beyond that, it was good and quiet. I only heard less than ten minutes of alittle bit of music around ten this morning and that was it for the entire day. So I am praying that they all stay quiet. And I didn't smell the smoke in here today. So, hoping it was just their company that was smoking. It should stay this quiet forever. I wouldn't have much complaints.
Hi Carrigon,

It's great to hear you have had a bit of peace and fresh air. I hope it continues through the weekend so you can rest.

And boy, do I agree with you about the housing situation. My CFS husband hates even going to the hospital ( which happens from time to time for one thing or another) as hospitals are such noisy places for a CFSer. I agree with Merry about the senior housing and when I can't manage the house any more that's where we'll be heading. It is possible to find subsidized ones and 'younger' ones. The only part I worry about is having a deaf old person next door with the TV cranked way up. But that is a bridge to cross later.

My Mom is in a seniors 'active living' apt. building, but attached to an assisted living building and it is always VERY quiet when I visit her. Quite heavenly actually. She did look at moving though and found not all seniors places are built to the same quality, so it's really worth a careful visit to find out how sound proof the units are IF you go that route.

Best wishes for more peace and quiet where you are.
Thanks :) That's the major problem, these buildings were NOT built to muffle noise. You can be tortured by a loud tv just as much as a loud stereo. My previous neighbors in here, they used to crank that tv up at my bedroom wall and I'd just die. I would literally not be able to use my bedroom for hours at a time from it.

So far, my new neighbor seems to be trying to make an effort to be quiet. He was fine all last night and so far this morning. So really, really hoping he keeps it up.

It's very hard to live around anyone, but when you are sick, it just makes it a thousand times harder.
I just moved into senior living (subsidized) wiht a provision for people with mobility issues/disability. I'm pretty much the kid on the block. there is one guy who is a little younger than me. The smoke is bad here too. But, the trade off is that it's very quiet (except street noise/commuters - but still no biggie - I'm on 15th floor). I'm going to make a video when I have energy about how I block vent and door vis-a-vis cig. smoke. My rent is very low, $408/month for a studio. It's not perfect, but no place is. Over time, my hope is that the environmental issues will pale in comparison to better quality of life - living in the city/central loc.

You have my empathy, Carrigon.

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