I went Skiing yesterday - Whaaaaaaaaaat

This is so funny, My husband yesterday said "Deconditioning theory is the biggest bunch of crap! "
He was like insulted, "can you believe that you went skiing and did that much. This people talking about decondioning do not know what they are talking about, never had CFS or lived with one that had it. This was impossible a year ago."

Is funny, I have not even attempt to go skiing but I am tired of my family having to suffer with me so I was going to take one for the team. I went skiing yesterday. I did prep work. I started taking pedyalite one a day, started a week before the trip.

The day of the skii trip I took advil (iboprufen) religiously every 4 hours ( I kept doing that today). As I woke up before trip, I used TENs unit on the problematic pain areas (join in the shoulders) and day after Put TENS unit in legs and shoulders, wherever I felt sore. I made sure not to let the midodrine run out, so I took it religiously every 4 hours.

I am still going and even went groceries shopping today. So far no PEM. The muscle soreness is more CFS like than exercise soreness. So will keep an eye see what the payback will be (if any).

No change in my protocol, except that I added trying to have as much bone broth as possible and juicing almost everyday (with nutribullet, so much better!). In a few days will start methylfolate, once I know I didn't get PEM from this trip (don't want to do mix results of my trial.

Feeling the progress.


Thanks, you have me smiling and thinking about the times I have been on snow. Only twice when I was a child, I remember having a slippery ski only, with my shoes on lol !! No sticks in my hands - hair raising stuff and heart pounding. Hope you had a great time with the family and have no PEM x
So far so good. I Didn't work today to recover (took day off in advance) but so far so good. I think I avoided the crash!!!

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