i think i got XMRV

5150;133624 said:
Roma, You seem to have done a pretty good job of being a detective, and don't let anyone in here discourage you about your findings. I really don't understand why it's seemingly so difficult for research to find that this damn virus is transmitted via saliva; obviously including kissing, coughing/sneezing in close quarters, any saliva exchange. I presume if you had sex with the person, that you most likely also kissed her? Please don't over-think this situation. It will make you nuts as well as overstressed even more, and stress is really bad for us.

I fully expect to hear the demands for proof coming in here now, but just save it... I don't have to be a scientist to see people getting infected all around me and others who also have this damn virus. I have been saying it for years: this virus is transmitted in saliva! Maybe in other ways too(that would be further science-involved), but I don't need science to confirm something as simple as the saliva connection.

I really trust WPI but failure to know this mode of transmission is very alarming to me.


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