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I tested Positive For Lyme Disease and Babesia a co-infection that is 10 times worse than Lyme!

I just tested positive for Lyme disease and it's co-infection babesia on 12/24/2013 through IGENEX in Palo Alto California. Babesia with Lyme explains my severe chronic pain I have had for 12 years. Most of the people on PR don't have the kind of pain that I have. I also have Neuro-Lyme which causes depression and rage. This has made it twice as difficult to navigate our broken medical system.

I became a member of Phoenix Rising since October 2010 when I was first treated for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I even tested positive for the XMRV virus in September 2010. My local Doctor who fired me in 2010 had run the ELISA Lyme test on me twice (2006 & 2008) and it came back negative. The ELISA test that the CDC recommends catches only 45% of people who have Lyme. In other words, 55 people out of a hundred who are positive for LYME will get a NEGATIVE result.

My Doctor choose IGENEX for my lab work and I tested positive for Lyme (past infection) on a western Blot. He also ran the new IGENEX New Western REGIONAL Complete Co-infection Panel (test# 5085) that tests for:
          • Babesia duncani, IgG& IgM, Babesia FISH, HME IgG & IgM, HGA IgG & IgM, Baratonella IgG & IgM, Bartonella FISH

  1. This test picked up my Co-infection of Babesia which makes my Lyme Disease ten times worse and explains my severe chronic pain better than ME/CFS did. The CDC has turned LYME disease into a terrible political battle. They recently let the cat out of the bag when they reported that there are 300,000 new Lyme Infections every year in the United States. This is an National epidemic. The ticks get on the birds and the birds have flown all over the world. 55% of the ticks in Vermont have Lyme and up to 15 co-infections inside them. Fifty Five per cent!

  1. I encourage any one with CFS/ME or Fibro to take a look at the symptoms for Lyme and CFS/ME. They are identical. I think Lyme and it's co-infections cause ME/CFS. I have all the same low chronic co-infections that mark ME/CFS like Mycoplasma pneumonia, Chlamydia Pneumonia and Epstein Barr. People with LYME have all of these as well. I joined a facebook website called Lyme and Co-infections. It is a closed group. Like Phoenix Rising it is incredible for sharing information. I have talked with many, many people who have had Chronic Fatigue and Fibro diagnosis for years and then test positive for Lyme and it's co-infections. There is a link here. Many believe that Lyme causes ME/CFS?

  1. So after 12 years my journey really begins. I will be looking at 2-4 years of intense anti-biotic therapy that I have already started. I am on Doxycline, Azithromyacin and mepron. I also use supplementals as well.

  1. As they say....that...is the rest of the story.


Sounds like absolute hell what you have been through Xandoff these last 12 years. I am so pleased for you that you can now make a start back to better health. Let us know how you are getting on. x
The latest "TIME" magazine has an article of a new Lyme's cousin (the terms they used) found in ticks in Russia by an expert named Peter Krause from Yale University. It was discovered in Russia in 2011 and the name is "Borellia miyamotoi". It has now been found in the United States and is believed to exist in any hard bodied ticks that carries the Lyme-like disease. It starts with flu-like symptoms and no rash. The flu-like symptoms repeats itself due to the "B miyamotoi" keeps changing outer surface proteins, which requires our immune system to go into overdrive again. The article indicates that this will be given a completely new disease name.
These ticks actually pass this particular form to the eggs and a person can be infected by the larvae as well as nymphs and adults. This disease, while not as prevalent as Lyme can be much more insidious (I sure don't understand that comment).
One of the countries leading researchers on Lymes disease in the actual environment caught Lymes disease not 30 to 40 miles from the CDC headquarters and the CDC still will not recognize Lymes disease as being present in the Southern and Southeastern United States. The CDC is completely incapable of responding to any outbreak of any type of disease, when it is their exact intended existence is extremely responsive to any outbreak or pandemic issue brought about by a disease.

They act like the only disease that they are concerned with is the flu and they act as if that is not a big deal to them as they can handle anything. (As a side note - There is well over $50 million worth of equipment that they have purchased in the last 5 to 10 years that is just sitting in labs and has never even been plugged in. Much of it is obsolete now, but a lot of it is not. Their excuse is no one knows how to use it. My only comment is why the hell was it order for. that's a lot money that could have went toward researcher for many diseases.

The H7N9 influenza virus is on the horizon and is mutating and again is an avian flu, but it is already jumping avian species and it will not be long, 4 to 5 years, before it jumps to humans and will one of the most devastating influenza viruses in many decades. They will scramble to try and find a vaccine because the normal routine for vaccine development will no work the same on H7N9 as other vaccines because the CDC is arrogant. They will develop a vaccine at the last minute without proper testing, that will cause more harm than good, which is nothing new.
I hope your treatment goes well and that you see some real improvements - especially in those pain levels. I am hoping to see KDM this year in Belgium, most of his patients seem to be coming up positive for Lyme or babesia etc, and I want that level of testing that he does. I couldn't go on if I thought I hadn't at least tried to find out.
How are you supposed to know if your Lyme disease negative is false? Should I get the test more times/try Igenex or another lab that's more trustworthy? Thanks

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