I miss her - Mourning

She was so care free. The world her playground, the sky just there to be reached.

There were no limits to her insatiable curiosity for life, there were no enough hours in a day to learn it all, to absorb like a sponge life's mysteries.

There were no boundaries, life was meant to be lived, the rain to dance on, the ocean to be discovered, the world to be conquered.

Her smile would light up a room, the twinkles in her eyes would make you happy. Her smile would make you laugh, she was a force of nature to be reckoned with.

She would dominate the world one day, she knew no great pain, no malice, no darkness. Love was her motto.

Today she is gone, and I mourn her everyday. One day at the time.. As time passes by, life without her gets easier.

I have cried for her, so much life! All of it gone. I keep going...... her memory fades...

But I miss her, some days, like today, it is hard.
I see in the mirror.
Yeap! she is gone.
And I just miss her.


Wow tx! Not sure about the beautiful soul. Survival will teach you what we humans are really about. Not pretty when we are reduced to basics.
I think she was beautiful then and more especially beautiful now Inester. I would not say this so much for myself as I feel like even my soul has deteriorated but that is illness and the hardness of it I guess. Maybe you feel that way too ? But I see all my fellow ME sufferers as very beautiful. I wish I could feel this a lot more for myself. lol x
I think once we go through this, yes you are hardened, I guess you see yourself more as a set of chemical reactions, you are more realistic about how body works and how much that forms part of who you are, how you act, what you feel or what you don't. In my case, was the realization of how strong the survival instict is and how deattach you can be when that is driving.

But Anybody that hangs in there, through the living hell this can be, is a hero in my book.
Thanks. I needed this. I am living the walking dead phase of this once more, dragging through work and then enduring a silent weekend of isolation and hopefully recovery for the next round. Starting to lose it and wonder what is wrong with me that people stay away.

The answer? Nothing.

I miss the person I was, and wish I could shout to the skies the whole true story.
Is a natural mourning process, is like when an important person in your life dies, is unfair, you get angry and the whole stages of grieving. But we eventually move on and reinvent yourself, every now and then we miss that person, it is only normal. Only thing for us is to move on and learn on the stages of grieving and gracefully go through it (I was not that graceful because I didn't understand what was going on). Once you do understand is easier to handle, accept and move on.
I am new to the board but wanted to tell you how much your poem "I miss her - Mourning" resonates for me. It is beautiful and captures exactly what I wanted to express (but I am not as talented writer!)
Well TX! English is my second language so most of the time I don't even make any sense. So I am glad somebody enjoyed it, it was from the heart, I don't know any grammar rules for Poems :)

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