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I may get some of my stolen stuff back :)

My house was broken into and lots taken (they smashed my back door) about 8mths? back.

I knew three of those certainly responsible but unfortunately only one of those admitted to police he did it and was changed. (He was a child so didnt really get penalised for the robbery, the others are adults who are smarter so getting away with it including someone who was my neighbour at the time..

My stuff was in her shed but she lied and said she wasnt even living in her house at the time and that someone else must of put it there and the police believed her!!!).

Anyway.. my daughter has been doing her own investigating of the robbery (she's the one who tresspassed and found my gear in neighbours shed and rang police to say where it was..fortunately we didnt get into trouble for the tresspass) and now she's found out all who were involved in the break in of my house. FIVE different people were involved in the robbery.. no wonder so much was taken from my house so so fast.

Thing is .. none of them would admit to the police so just cause she now knows.. I know they still wont (and two of those have already been questioned and got away with it as I told police I knew they were responsible in the past.. what cowards.. let the child involved take the rap for it)

So she's hoping we can get my gear back by blackmail or the cash to pay for them or pay it all back to me in regularly part payments.. fingers crossed this will work.

Pity police never cared much about getting my stuff back!! (I lost my lawn mower which actually wasnt mine but a someone elses I had here, new air con, stereo etc etc, they even stole all my kitchen utensils and breadboard and dustpan and broom!!) so the only hope of getting ones stuff back is to have someone put these crims in the hot seat in some way. (its not just my house.. they've robbed others too and obviously got away with it as they arent in jail where they should be).

Thank God thou my child dont help me with other things as far as ME goes, she's helping me with this.


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