I keep forgetting how to get where I'm going...

Last night, I tried to give my 15 year old son directions to the my youngest son's Little League game across town and I got lost. I grew up in this town and I know it well. I've never been one who navigates by north, south, east, west or by street names - I navigate by internal maps and landmarks. At any rate, my maps and landmarks seem to be vanishing. I have gone to this ballpark many, many times over the years and last night I couldn't find it.:confused:

I told my son to take a turn and we we not at all in the right place. At first, I wasn't sure where we were and when I got my bearings, I realized we were miles off. It took me 30 minutes to get us there. It should have taken 10. We weren't in a rush and I tried relax and enjoy the ride. But it is getting worse. This all seems to be happening so quickly.

A week or two ago (this is another thing I seem to be losing - an accurate sense of time), I was driving to a nearby town - 15 minutes away. I "knew" it was on a highway I've been familiar with since I learned how to drive. I pointed my van in the general direction and hoped my reptilian brain would kick in and I would figure it out.:tongue: Luckily it did.

It's hard to find things. It sounds funny but it's not - I go through a stack of papers and it's so hard to figure out how to organize them. I've never been Martha Stewart but this is a whole different level of inability to conceptualize. I have been coming here for weeks and most days I still have a hard time figuring out how to check my inbox.:tear: If I am picking up the house, I go from one room to the other and rarely have any idea what I'm doing - I always was a multi tasker, so it isn't a problem for me to come up with something on the spot and the a moment later remember the task.

I am trying to wear this loss as loosely as I can- after all, I gain nothing by getting terribly upset and humor helps. Still, when I actually got lost last night, it scared me for a moment. What if I hadn't had my son with me? What if I really couldn't find my way? Surely it won't get that bad? Right?


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