I have to share major info

Sounds like you've got your priorities in the right order, Genevieve. Herbal Medicine is a great way to go, but sometimes you get worse before you get better. On the whole, Chinese herbal medicine seems to take about 3 months to really settle in to your system.

As I mentioned further down the page on your reply to my blog, I have ordered the book The Power of Now. Had a great review & was on sale (where I order my Buddhist books from in the UK).

Am very much looking forward to reading it.

I'll let you know what I think when I've finished it. It should arrive in Australia in about 10 days time. I can't read as quickly as I did 15-20 years ago, so depending on how thick the book & how small the print, defines how quickly I read.


Hi Genevieve

I'm sorry you didn't have any response to a previous blog. Thanks for this - it's very encouraging. I got better in the 1980s while having acupuncture and Chinese herbs, but have tried this again with three different practitioners and no luck. This treatment is very dependent on having a skilled practitioner - unfortunately the one I saw originally has now moved to California (I'm in the UK.) I strongly recommend him for anyone there - Giovanni Maciocia.

Like you I'm very much worse in damp cold climates.

Same here, cold and damp yeuch.

Altho I cant lay in the sun much anymore either.
Hi Gen

With 150 views I thought you deserved at least one more response for your welcome blog.

I've been having similar thoughts after a very bad fortnight. Been following XMRV news avidly - what a waste of energy.

Can you give us a heads up on the book please?

I too find warm and dry best - I live in one of the wettest parts of UK. I find saunas a good way of staying healthy (ish), but not good when you're very ill. The only way I can tolerate them is to have a very cold shower beforehand.

Chinese medicine, like the Lightning Process, only served to lighten my wallet, I'm afraid.

My plan is to get back to doing yoga regularly - a great way to exercise without overexerting, and with some surprising benefits. Take walks when up to it. Cut way down on sugars, which give me a bad reaction.

I'd love to hear your music, as I'm sure others would.

Finally, if the Arizona trip is funded, I'm in. :D
Hi, and thanks for sharing that, Genevieve!

Like fingers, I can go to Arizona if it's funded... and for me that means funding all three of us, me and my ME/CFS kids.

Funding is the key for many of us, alas. I'm stuck in a remote area where there is no Chinese herbal medicine available, and even when I was living closer to Chinese doctors I didn't have the means to see them. My kids and I can only get the treatments our MediCal (welfare insurance) will cover, which means "Western" style allopathy all the way. That's why it would be splendid for us if XMRV or something gets identified as The Culprit and can be targeted by a prescribable, insurance-coverable drug.

We do live in as healthy a way as we can manage, though. We got out of the damp, and it won't be cold anymore in another month. We rest a lot. We do gentle yoga or qi gong when we can. If I can find an acupuncturist, a homeopath and a chiropractor who accept MediCal payment, I will go see them.

And dry heat, yes. The thing that feels best and thank gods its free, is the sun pouring in our huge, south-facing windows.

I am 70% more able in hot climate. The rapid muscle weakness will still happen. But instead of it occuring at 10 to 20 yards. I could go maybe150 to 200 yards. I can also swim. I feel quite well. Quite simply my limitations are far greater. If I ever get to Arizona I'll look you up!!


I do much better in heat as well. Besides the climate it helps that I don't have to wear as many clothes. Simply changing to short pants helps - I think it has to do with less stimulus actually - the rubbing of clothes on the skin adds to sensory overload overload. Thats the only thing I can think of to explain why going as naked as possible helps my energy level..

I agree that acceptance is very important. For me it tones down the overstimulated state of my body and allows me to relax. I find that very small problems cause my system to kind of erupt. Accepting things helps.
I wish I could do more sauna's. I even have one - they're rough on me but sometimes they have excellent effects. I'd do them regularly if I could.
Wish I could do the "jump on the plane to Hawaii part" I passionately dislike the winter and white is my least favourite color. In this part of the world, the snow is lying thick for weeks already. Yes I am most definitely a summer person...Jan, Feb and March are the super suffering months...four weeks to go!!

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