I have my life back Week 4 - OI Crash in Electro Office (Run out of med)

So I have been doing great. I finally got to see the electrophysiologist again.

I feel so frustrated because I have asked him to increase midodrine before and he didn't let me do it. I had an appointment on thursday and had a crash in his office. I was sitting in his bad chairs in the waiting room for one hour. I had run out of the meds by then (med only lasts 4h in the blood) and I didn't take the next dose so I crashed really bad while in his office. They did an EEG and it was abnormal. The BP was all over the place so the doctor got to experience first hand a crash for me.

He was a complete different doctor he was like ohhhh is ok to raise your meds if you need to, I was just trying to give you the least amount possible (ARSSSS LIKE I DIDN"T TELL HIM IT WASN'T ENOUGH). You are the patient and you know better, we will try to keep adjusting until you are comfortable.

(Hey don't worry about the year I lost of my life:bang-head::bang-head::bang-head::bang-head::bang-head::bang-head::bang-head::bang-head::bang-head::bang-head::bang-head::bang-head::bang-head::bang-head::bang-head::bang-head:)

So I got my medicine tippled and have not have an issue since then. I am happy to have my life back. I knew I was disabled but never imagine just how much it was

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