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i forgot where i put medications : ( or either accidently threw away

i cant find my xanax anywhere and been out almost a week...im jittery and anxious...luckly i had some extra but still have several more weeks without and i just hate the feeling im having..

im embarassed my memory is so bad that i put up and cant remember where it is...or either it accidently got thrown away...i told conselour about it and she was understanding and help to comfort me from being embarassed..

i just feel like everything is going bad all at once...im a ball of nerves...i got bill from one of kids doctors {i posted in community for any advice} the bill was for missed doctors appointment we NEVER made..so have to call and deal with that...and i was always told i didnt owe anything wehn i went in for appointments but wehn i called said we were switching doctors i got the bill for the missed apponitment we never made and for another bill saying that i owed more money for bill id never paid on back in 2011 ..and i hate talking to anyone espically the way i feel now..

i looked up on interent for withdrawl from xanax...and it seems im getting the extra anxiety withdrawl but thankful nothing more.....i dont want to call doctor who prescriped because i dont want to look like im just wanting more xanax and dont want that on my file...so im going to tough it out..but im sick of these illness...sick of the memory loss...sick of it all...

sorry i just needed to vent its been a very stressful day : (


I think benzo wihtdrawal if severe has the potential to cause seizures and to be serious. I'm not sure but it may depend on your dosage and how long you've been on them, and how regularly you take it. So maybe it's a good idea to call and discuss it with your doctor to make sure you will not be in danger. Sorry you're having such a bad time. Difficult things often seem to come in groups like that. Hope tomorrow is better.

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