I drop another darn egg

One of the gifts that CFS has given me, is the inability to hold things with my left hand.

If I think, make a conscious movement of the act of grabbing or doing whatever it is I am doing, it is ok, if I automatically grab something and think about something else, I will drop it.

I know with all the problems plp have here this is pitty. But to me is darn right down annoying.

Do you have any idea how many cartons of eggs I have drop, hot coffee, cell phone, my precious makeup.... importnat things, messy things at inconvenient times. Hell I had to put my hand in a public restroom to fish the damn cell out. Then massively had to clean my hand and cell off germs. Argggg

I get frustrated, about all the times I have no time left, but have to change my clothes, it is the sum of all the times this happens... IN AN HOUR!!!

But the eggs whites are such a pain to clean up. It Is not the fact that is hard for me to bend over due to my POTs, but the gooey whites that goes on for ever while I battle not to pass out... cleaning eggs is annoying...


I understand how you feel! I tend stumble when I walk on bad days or when crashing, embarrassing when I fall down for no reason. Sometimes my hands shake after exertion, mental or physical. The following might make you smile…

I cook on cast iron so I fry eggs sunny side. A few years ago I ended up with 42 hens by mistake (have my own chickens) (mental exhaustion when planning the purchase of chicks that year).

I couldn’t sell all the eggs they produced each day. I had to dump them in the woods. I saw a cooking show by “Alton Brown” about cooking eggs over easy. That morning I had a bucket with 40 or so eggs I needed to dump. I decided to learn to cook eggs over easy, how to flip them in a non-stick skillet with one hand. I wasn’t very good at it.

My German Sheppard dog weighs 105lbs. I brought him inside because I knew I’d bust a few yolks while learning and would feed them to him.

After 27 busted yolks even my dog was looking at me like… “Please don’t bust another yolk!” I had to leave him outside for the next 36 hours. He got a horrible case of gas!

Flashback to scenes from “Cool Hand Luke”…

Maybe a little dog to help out around the house?
I do have a dog but try to protect her from my drops! I hear you the stumbling and dropping! I am the only Person alive that managed to have a happy face from bruises on my but cheeks ( have the pics to prove it!!)
I've been sick for five years and in the last year started dropping things and being unsteady. It's really scary. Eggs are just the worst to have to clean up!

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