I don't understand CFS

I really don't understand this CFS, every time I think I am ok and accept where I am, It turns on me, rules change, limits are different and is a completely different ball game. It is as if all the players change and all the rules change while you are getting ready to bat LOL.

So I woke up feeling great and I mean great, No symptoms in my head, no other symptoms much at all. So my first feeling is to sit quiet and feel. My god I HAVE BEEN SO SICK!! this feels great I want to enjoy AND just beeeeee. This feel amazing, I cannot believe I even doubt it myself how sick I was at times, I reason with myself that maybe that was how everybody felt inside. In moments like this I remember how great is just to feel good.

My first instinct is to get on the treadmill and make a 5 mile walk LOL. I know better by now so I am holding back, I did started exercise yesterday but I did 5min on and 5 min laying down walking and only 3 sets. Today I will try to cook as much as I can without overdoing it. I wish I know what why I am doing so great so I can keep it up (even is only been a few days).


I hear ya. Nothing seems consistent thats for sure.
I wonder if others feel consistently unwell at a certain level or if a majority are all over the place.
I find it hard to put a number on my level of cfs/me, i try to find a consistent number but that number seems to vary a hell of alot?? Maybe those of us still pushing through work are more prone to the inconsistency thing??

Yes we have to remember to enjoy the good times but not go crazy and put ourselves in a crash.

Ive had a rare day like that before, its weird.. as if whatever is going on wrong in the body has been turned off. It kind of gives one hope that a good med may be developed for this one day to do the same thing. There must be something in our body which can switch on and off.
Im also still feeling great. Im greatful for every single minute. Also i had the feel of : "My god I HAVE BEEN SO SICK!!" Im very happy you are experiencing what Im going through. Wanna know my x-mas wish? A BIKE. Unimagineable a few weeks ago.

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