I cannot buy a guinea pig

I cannot buy a guinea pig.

I cannot buy a cat because I allergic to their catandruff. A dog would need walking…and you can’t cuddle a fish.

I cannot buy a guinea pig because I cannot put another creature in the position I am in. I cannot make it sleep inside a box when there is a whole life out there that needs exploring. I cannot make it stare through a grill at the world and try to keep its sanity between the times it is allowed out.

I cannot make it scratch around the carpet, when it would rather be speeding around on the grass with the sun on its little back. I cannot buy a guinea pig, because us animals need air that is fresh and cool and has not been breathed out a million times by others.

I cannot buy a guinea pig because if nothing else, I can supply the guinea pig I don’t buy ,with my love and freedom, in the biggest garden,(I imagine), so the critter can see only green to its horizon…and have other guinea pigs with which to fight and play.

I cannot buy a guinea pig.


Thank you @taniaaust1 but it is not really the right time for a pet as we are both ill. I was inspired to write this just because I realized that I was projecting my own sense of restriction on any animals I see in cages- then it was a short leap to realizing that I often feel in a cage.
Thank you. This is why I let my 2 kitties out during the day. And why I got the 2nd to play with the first. In spite of having to erect a cat fence onto the existing fence. I'm lucky to not be allergic to them. Yes, life in our cages. sigh. sending you a big hug.
I know this is a metaphor and it's beautifully written and expressed. I actually have two guinea pigs and they make amazing pets and I love them to death. They are my little therapy animals, keeping me company during the monotonous days lying or sitting in bed. They are not too hard for me to take care of and have a nice big cage and I even take them outside sometimes on warm sunny days. They are happy and keep me happier. :)
Beautifully written! Metaphor aside. I did choose to have the guinea pig. Her cage was open so she could come out for a run whenever she wished (she only went to the toilet in her house) For 7 years she was my life saver. I chatted to her and she chatted and giggled back. I really miss her :-( I wouldn't do it again while i'm still ill though as much as I'd love to :-(
This spoke to me. I really miss the days when we had guinea pigs but the children are just about all grown now and I can't care for them. I miss the cuddles and the chatting and the simplicity of a mind that mostly thinks about food. I still think 'what a waste' when I see a fat dandelion go in the compost, or when veg scraps go in the bin. Maybe one day.

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