I can sleep without Meds Again

In the middle of the political turmoil here at PR, which I still do not understand no matter how much I read, I have great news!

I can finally sleep without meds.

I have tried this for years. I started feeling like a truck hit me when I woke up and my brain felt as if somebody spend the night bitting me with a baseball bat. I felt like not pain per say but like tenderness. I was given sleep inducers natural and prescription which did nothing for me (I was put on Benzo before I knew how bad they were) and I took for about 2 years, I quit a soon as knew how addictive could be, and was cold turkey with no problems.
I got sleep study and was told I have mild sleep apnea. And had issues on stage 4 sleep (which I was educated before hand to ask them to look for it).

Then I tried trazadone (stage 4 inducer) which my issue was staying sleep. So the not resting issue started getting better. I tried on and off to quit but would wake up religiously every hour to 2 hours.

The one thing I did was when my body got used to dose, I never went up, I would go down for 2 weeks. Then up again and that worked great so I never had to keep going up like other describe.
I do not why, but I tried to quit again (my brain tiitnus is better during the day) why I decided to try again. And I can sleep now!!! I still take 2 Benadryl or one but I have to because of allergies. But before that would not even help at all.

So I can stay sleep now waking up only once to go to restroom and falling right back to sleep. I really think is the inflammation being down (I am sure since I got tested one time where I couldn't sleep at all for 2 weeks which almost had me crazy) and the cytokines for inflammation were through the roof.
I know when I am inflamed, I get this very high noise brain (like titunus but in the head) and since that is down I assume my inflammation is down, will confirm in the upcoming tests.


I'm really glad to hear that you're sleeping well! How do you think you got your inflammation to go down? I'm struggling with sleep, afraid to take trazodone because I hear of people having trouble getting off of it. Jujube seed extract was helping for about 2 weeks or so but has now stopped. Anyways, I'm glad for you! : )
I took trazadone. Got off easily but I got off of benzo at once after 2 years on them. So I guess I don't get hooked on it. So the inflammation, was an individual thing, I guess we all struggle
With different things. I have colitis so most of my inmflamatiom comes from colitis ( colon) so I try to eat foods low on imflamtion, no gluten ( mostly) sugar is the one I still need to
Work on, due to my energy cravings.
So the cytokines are related to tinnitus.. interesting. I noticed same thing...i be had p.o.t.s for a year and half now. With a mild brugada. Some days such as today i could easily say i have M.E....i pbnly.over sat yesterday and bent a lot while painting (art) i have tinitus since dec 2013. And this relates to hernia bulging that were getting worse. I did have repairs in 2015 and 2016,few months after the latest one, I did develop that crazy vertigo,can t stand...so what is trazadone? I m taking some klonopin(benzo at bedtime.0.5mg or so.etime 0.25mg. Since 7months. It s my sole meds with my diet ,painting, and breathing...and as well I do have to use oxymetazoline (nasal decong.spray 2xa day.) If anyone can relate..
I did use Seroquel from 2006 till 6 months ago, quite was insomniacs since I m 14, and some tendencies to paranoia.
I have as well took Remeron in the past , Xanax, Ambien, well good news or not, I had to quit them all anyways, these were off course making my heart not good.
Thanks for your reply, about trazadone.
Trazadone is a stage 4 inducer so it helps to stay sleep. Benzos are sleep inducers ( only helps you to fall sleep) while trazadone helps
To stay sleep. My issue was I wake up every hour to 2 hour. Falling sleep is the least of
My issues.

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